Healthy meal plans for losing weight, saving your sanity and your money

Whether you're losing weight, or tackling the issue of maintaining weight loss, healthy meal plans and meal planning can help take the pressure off.

There are many ways to go about meal planning, the trick (just like permanent weight loss) is to work out what works for you at any given moment.

For example, in this house a meal plan can be anything from an outline of breakfast, lunch, dinner and school snacks for the week (with accompanying recipes and shopping lists), to hastily scribbled ideas for seven dinners scribbled on the back of the electricity bill envelope in my purse!

Healthy meal plans...meal planning in advance makes me feel like I have control (a nice illusion)

The thing I like about planning meals in advance is that I feel like there's one less thing I have to remember to think about during the week.

Usually it gets to about the time I pick the kids up from school, and I have no idea what we're going to eat, or whether I've even got time to dash out to the supermarket or the butcher.

Having an outline of what we'll be eating helps me alleviate the stress. It also means that if the kids are out for the night, I actually know what I'm going to feed my partner and I...and that we won't wind up having the same meal three times in a row, because I'm too tired to think of something different, and there's only left overs in the fridge.

Healthy meal plans...aren't set in can change them

Once upon a time I read a lovely article that said that if you religiously followed your meal plan for the week, you'd have your life neatly organized...yep...burnt that article!

One of the things that this section of articles will look at, is the fact that great healthy meal plans are reuseable and also throw-outable!

Nothing is set in stone, just like your life! You think you've got the day planned out, then one small thing, a tiny little change, and everything seems out of kilter and off the rails! Healthy meal plans are just like any other thing in your life...if it's stressing you out trying to keep to it, and a change of plan would work better...then change the plan!

Healthy meal plans...what they can do for you

This section of articles looks at some of the ways you can use meal planning to:

- Lose weight and maintain it

- Save money and lose weight cheaply...meal planning can cut the cost of weight loss

- Take the pressure off by giving you one less thing to think about on a moment to moment basis

- Ways of reusing and recycling healthy meal plans...and where to collect them from so that you don't always have to be creative

- Make sure you, and your family meet your nutritional needs, get healthy and don't get bored with the food you're eating

- Save you sanity and stop the last minute, "What are we going to have for dinner tonight...looks like pizza again"

Even a scribble on the back of an envelope saying: 2 red meat meals, 1 chicken, 2 fish, 1 vegetarian and a "make-it-up-as-we-go" meal, can be a saving grace for evening sanity.

In the same way, a scribbled post-it note on the fridge saying: porridge, cereal, egg on toast with spinach, grilled tomato on to decide later, can get you out of a bind in the morning rush. All you do is look at the list and pick something you haven't had for breakfast yet this week...and you're eating and out the door without having to think about it.

Everything from these little scribbles and notes to full menu plans for the day, can help you lose weight, keep it off and become part of how you plan meals in your house. There's no 'perfect' way to do it, just the perfect way that works for you on that day, that week, that month.

You'll probably find that you move between many different ways, depending on what's happening in your life. Great! Do what works at that particular time, and these articles will give you ideas and benefits so that you can use healthy meal plans and meal planning to work for you.

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