Healthy snack recipes for kids...quick and easy.

Are you looking for healthy snack recipes for kids? Well, here you'll find some quick ways of putting together those snacks.

You don't have to slave over the oven to produce great snacks for the kids. and it's okay to use some prepackaged things. Goodness knows as busy as you are, and the kids are, they can be a saving grace, but there are some very simple and quick ways to make healthy snacks.

Why are healthy snack recipes for kids important?

Kids have to snack. Yes, they do (adults do too, we just don't often make the best choices on snacks). Children's stomachs can't physically hold enough food to give them enough energy for the day. They need constant top-ups.

But what are they eating? They should be eating low glycemic foods, that is foods that digest and release energy slowly. Regardless of whether your child is overweight or not, aim for foods that are in as natural state as possible, and those prepackaged foods that have higher fibre, lower fat and lower sugar levels.

No cook healthy snack recipes for kids.

Snacks that are made up of both protein and carbohydrates will keep kids going longer and feeling fuller. Here are some combinations that are quick to prepare:

  • Low fat (no added sugar) yoghurt and fruit to dip - apple slices, berries on tooth picks, orange slices, nectarine, peach and plum quarters, strawberries, banana slices. Fill a plate with fruit put the dip in a seperate container in the middle and let them go for it!
  • Also try - low fat cream cheese and honey mixed together, or golden syrup instead of honey, to make a dip...divine with oranges and stone fruits.
  • Fruit smoothies - let the kids experiment by making small ones with their favourite fruits. Use low fat milk, and let them have a little sugar if they like it that way. Just limit the amount.
  • Multigrain toast - topped with low fat cream cheese or avocado, tomato and cucumber. For smaller children, make up variations and cut into tiny squares or triangles, put on a plate and let them help themselves.
  • Tinned fruit and puree's (no added sugar) - there are a lot of these around now, some in nice size tubs. They're also great to freeze in icypoles, add a glass of low fat milk with it.
  • Small cheese squares, half cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, capsicum slices, and small toasted wholemeal bread square, and let them put their own toppings on them. Add a bowl of low fat dip to the centre and let them make them the way they like.

Revamping your cakes and baking for healthy snack recipes for kids

There are some easy changes you can make to slice, biscuit and cake recipes to help them become slower release energy (low glycemic foods, or at least a little lower) and healthier for kids.

These changes will also lower the calories and the fat and sugar intake.

  • Slices and muffins - replace half the white flour with wholemeal flour. If you're worried they'll notice, start by replacing a quarter of the white flour, then work your way up.
  • Butter - replace butter with a low fat plant derived margarine, like an olive oil or canola margarine. Again, you can start by doing it in small bits. Start with a quarter margarine, three-quarters butter and work up from there.
  • Low fat milk - swap full fat milk for low fat or no-fat in baking. Lower fat doesn't decrease the amount of calcium, so there still getting the good stuff
  • Lower the sugar - in most baking recipes I've been able to cut the amount of sugar by at least a quarter, in some cases, I only use half of what they say...and the kids are still happy!
  • Add grated apple (skin on) to slice, biscuit and heavier cake recipes. Mashed banana is good too, but the flavour can come through quite strong, and not all kids (lovely daughter of mine) like banana flavour. Apple, on the other hand has very little flavour

Introduce changes in recipes and snacks slowly, don't stop kids having the other things they like, just limit the quantity and offer them other alternatives. Keep trying, keep making changes and you'll find that the healthy snack recipes for kids become the everyday, and the rest, the occasional, as it should be.

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