Hunger Control With
High Protein Low Fat Foods

High protein low fat foods are great for keeping your hunger under control and helping you get your body looking good and you feeling great.

While some low fat diet plans limit protein foods because many of them contain fat, there is really no need.

And a low fat high protein diet should also include lots of vegetables and fruit, as the fibre and nutrients in these are just as beneficial for keeping your hunger in check and losing weight.

There are now so many high protein low fat foods available on the supermarket shelves.

Many of them in your favourite brands and flavours, it’s easy to swap those higher fat content ones that you're currently eating for, for lower fat options.

You will find that some will work better for you than others, so try lots of different foods as part of your high vegetable and low fat high protein diet, and find the ones that work best for you.

My pick of high protein low fat foods

  • Low fat yoghurt - there’s so many great flavours around now, including many with less sugar as well.
  • Low fat milk is another great one. A glass of milk is quick, easy, and a great filler.
  • Eggs are fantastic! There’s a lot of information out there about the high fat content in eggs. I’ve found that whole eggs are much more filling than just the whites. So I stick to one full egg and cut down on the fat somewhere else.
  • Seeds and nuts are good sources of protein, and should be included in a varied healthy diet.

    I do tend to avoid them a bit, because I’m unable to stop at just a handful, which means they don’t actually reduce my hunger, but try them and see how you go, if you find you have to eat the whole packet, then try something else.

  • Lean meats are great, along with chicken (minus the skin) and fish.
  • Beans are good too, even good old baked beans in a can. Look for low salt varieties, even better.

Include protein at each meal , but as with everything moderation is key, a diet that is only based on high protein low fat foods will do you no favours in the long run.

I’ve found that too much protein in my diet makes me feel sluggish and heavy, yet there are days when I’m very hungry so I include quite a lot of these foods and high fibre foods.

Losing weight requires using those stored body fats. Doing this effectively and long term means putting enough energy in your body that it doesn’t feel like it’s starving, and hold on to the fat stores, while leaving enough of a gap in your energy needs that your body draws on those stores.

This can leave you feeling hungry. And while a little hunger is okay, you know that at a certain point hunger feels like starvation, you can’t think straight, the cravings kick in, and before you know it you’re filling your body with anything it can find.

Often, high fat and high sugar foods.

Rather than wait until I’m that hungry I add extra protein into my meals on these days.

The following days when I’m not so hungry I eat less of these foods.

Your body is not the same all the time, neither is life funnily enough.

Sometimes it tells you it wants more of something, that doesn’t mean going overboard, but it’s good to pay attention.

Moderation in everything, that leads to a balanced healthy diet, over a period of time is the key to losing weight, maintaining it long term and helping you feel and look good.

I’ve found that it’s not about what I eat in a day, it’s more like a week, or a month, in which my diet is balanced.

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