Holiday diet tips, losing weight and a great life!

Holidays and parties are fun, and some handy holiday diet tips can have you eating well, and enjoying yourself, as you should.

A healthy diet plan includes the ability to enjoy your life, or at least it should. If it doesn't you're not going to want to keep eating that way, and healthy eating tips are as much about quality of life as they are about losing weight and living lighter!

I wanted to lose weight because I would feel better about myself, I wanted to lose weight so that I'd be physically able to do more, for longer…and that's all about quality of life.

So, in the spirit of a good life…let's party, and celebrate our holidays…without blowing our waistlines!

What to watch out for…

These holiday diet tips are still healthy eating tips, they simply focus on some of the things that are classic things we do at parties, and when we're enjoying holiday feasts.

  • Multitasking - have you noticed how good we are at multitasking during the holidays and parties? And it's all related to our mouths. We can eat and talk, drink and talk, eat and cook, eat and dance…we can pretty much do anything and eat at the same time.

    It's good to enjoy the atmosphere, let's be honest that's part of the reason we love the social life, but beware…we consume a lot in the process. So, to start the holiday diet tips - number 1, if you're talking hold a glass or a piece of food, not both, and alternate. Something to drink, something to eat, and nibble and sip slow.

  • Eating before you go - this is a good idea, as long as you remember to eat less when you get there. Realistically, this only works if you are able to say 'no' to the food that's going to be on offer. Otherwise you're just eating twice.

    If you doubt you're ability to say no when you're out, welcome to the club! I'm very bad at turning down yummy party food, so if I eat before I just wind up eating twice as much.

    What I do is have a couple of glasses of water and a piece of fruit while I'm getting ready. Then when I get to the celebration, I eat, but I do it slowly and I do pay attention to how my tummy is feeling.

    If I start to feel full, I hold onto a piece of food for a long time, that way I don't have to say 'no', but I also don't come how with a stomach ache having over eaten, and of course having put on 7 pounds in 2 hours.

  • Plate packing - yes, just like monitoring your serving sizes normally, ho much re you loading on your plate? If it's holiday party season, or even a one off celebration, check how much you put on your plate! And how much others serve you.

Holiday diet tips - Making Good Choices

So, above are some things to look out for, now let's look at making good choices with the food that's on offer. Again, these choices are also ones you'd make everyday with a healthy diet plan.

  • Choice number 1 - if you know that the party or festive fun affair you're going to is likely to be crammed full of fried finger foods and high fat and sugar goodies, cut down on your fats and sugars for a few days before you start the party rounds.

    Yes, I know, we need a certain amount of fats and sugar every day. But, if we watch kids eat, you'll notice that they actually regulate their intake of certain foods over weeks, maybe even months.

    You don't have to deprive yourself of those foods that come with parties, you can adjust for a few days before and a few days after. Cutting the fats and sugars right back, is one way of doing this. And like children it'll still all balance out over the week.

  • Choice number 2 - Variety. Choose a variety of foods. Try some things you haven't tried before, and mix it up on your plate. That variety will still give you a range of nutrients, and a small amount of many things is going to spread the calorie mix about.

    Of course, try not to define variety as 6 varieties of cheesecake, see I'm eating a varied diet! Pick foods from different groups! Party and holiday diet tips are about healthy eating regardless of the situation.

    Having little bits on your plate also helps you to mentally take a break between bites, to think about what you'll have next, and to take a quick mental note of how full you're feeling.

  • Choice number 3 - The drinks. Alcohol and sugary fizzy drinks are high calories, and some have, well, other nasty side effects, if too much is consumed.

    They don't actually supply a lot of nutrition either (no, a slice of lemon or lime does not compensate!), so sip slowly, drink a glass of water for each glass of fizz and pop, and again, take note of how you're feeling, these drinks fill you up too, so be mindful of how you're feeling.

Holidays and parties are fun times, and enjoy them. Healthy eating tips can easily be adapted into holiday diet tips, and you can still control and maintain your weight, and have fun.

Don't deny yourself the fun, isn't that why you're losing weight anyway, for more fun? Just modify what you normally do at parties, take some of the tips on board, and you'll still have a good time, and feel good about your choices.

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