How do I lose weight and make it last?
Really, am I missing something?

That 'how do I lose weight' question above is one I hear a lot of. I've asked it myself too. How come I can lose weight, but I just can't keep it off, am I doing something wrong?

No, in fact you're doing it right, because you're losing weight. You're just missing some vital pieces that are the keys to keeping it off.

Did you know that only 5% of all people that lose weight keep it of long term?

Did you also know that these success stories have something in common? In fact they have 5 things in common!

If you think that's interesting, read on, you'll be amazed at what I discovered.

Do you want to get off those 5 pounds, 10 pounds, 20 pounds or more and keep them off?

Do you want to get into that outfit that you love, and be able to wear it again next year, and the year after, because you haven't gained the weight back?

Do you want to be one of those 5% with your own long term success story?

Do you want to do all those things that you feel your weight is holding you back from?

You can achieve all those things and more, with 5 fundamental things that I found in the stories of people who have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

Some of these people have gone on to write and develop their own programs based on what they did, and they are successfully helping others achieve what they've achieved.

And it is some of these successes that I've looked most closely at.

They have all answered 'how do I lose weight and keep it off' with different approaches and different ways to get the lives and bodies they want, yet their approaches all include these same 5 elements.

There are other success stories that are just as inspirational, but from the woman next door, or the man down the road, who has changed their life and kept it changed!

And, this is the very interesting two of these long term success stories have used the same diet or program! They all found answers to the 'how do I lose weight' question differently, yet in keeping it off they all have 5 elements that they mention.

Have you tried diets and programs before, lost weight but then found it came back?

Are you looking to find 'the one', the lose weight-never-have-it-return diet or program?

Well, there isn't one, there's actually any number of programs that will work...if you know the 5 elements to put into practice that will dramatically increase your success.

As you read all of this article you'll:

  • learn the number 1 key to losing weight and making it last , and why it isn't related to any specific weight loss program.
  • learn that this means that no matter how many times you've lost weight on how many different diets, you can lose weight and you can keep it off.
  • understand why and how 5 elements make all the difference to losing weight and never gaining the pounds back

You'll also get a sneak preview at the information contained in my new e-course 5 Keys To Losing Weight and Making it Last .

If only 5% of people keep the weight off, what do these people do differently?

What is truly astounding is that when I looked at the stories of people in this 5% category I found that there wasn't one program or diet that had lead to them achieving permanent weight loss.

So I looked deeper and found something extraordinary...there were 5 key elements in these inspirational stories and they weren't what I had expected.

Are you a little intrigued? Are you also a little skeptical? Well so was I.

Many diets work in the short-term, how do I lose weight is often less critical than, okay now how do I keep it off??

Investigating these stories and approaches, I expected ways of measuring portion control, whether that be calorie counting, serving sizes, or one of a variety of other methods. I expected to find that monitoring your weight, while losing weight and then throughout maintenance, as a key factor in success.

Yet, what I did find was that while these are great tools to help you lose weight they aren't the keys to keeping the pounds off.

I wanted to know what was, so I went back through these stories...

And then I had one of those forehead-slapping moments. Of course! I was looking at the wrong things! That's what I did to lose weight, those are the actions I took to help me on my way, but these are not in fact the keys to losing weight or to making the loss last, they are merely tools to use along the way!

How do these keys help with how do I lose weight permanently?

The keys to success are in fact 5 elements which frame these actions!

That may sound a little confusing, bear with me for a minute and I'll explain.

Imagine you're back in school and you have to write an essay, maybe not an enjoyable thought, but go there anyway. Did you have someone in your class that just always seemed to get it right, no matter what the subject matter was?

You know that person next to you, or one row over, that would always get comments like, 'great composition', 'you followed your ideas through well', 'well organised', 'beautifully constructed argument'?...maybe you were that person yourself.

Or were you, or do you know someone, that always struggled with essay writing, regardless of how well they knew the topic. They'd get the comments like 'your argument's very disjointed', 'it doesn't read well', 'I had trouble understanding where you were going with this'?

What has this got to do with losing weight and keeping it off you ask? Well, here's the thing. That first student got those great comments because they understood the formula behind essay writing, they 'got' the key elements of writing a great essay. No matter what the topic or subject was!

That second student didn't have the key elements, they hadn't quite 'got' it. And that 'it' is the framework, the necessary elements, for writing a successful great essay!

Even if you know the subject matter intimately, even if you know all there is to know about a topic, that's only half the battle; if you don't know the key elements behind how to go about writing an essay - if you don't have a grasp of what is necessary to 'craft' a great essay - then no matter how much you know about the topic, no matter how much research you do on the content, you'll never get top marks!

And that's the first and number one key to long term weight loss success, to answering that nagging question 'how do I lose weight for good' - if you know the 5 elements for long term success, then you have what you need to 'craft' long term success, the content is the easy part.

(More on this in the introduction of the 5 Keys To Losing Weight and Making it Last e- course).

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In fact, when you learn the 5 elements of long term weight loss, then you can use this with any plan or program you like, and even create your own, because you'll have the 5 keys to guide you to getting rid of all those pounds and keeping them off.

It's the same when writing an essay, if you know the elements of a great essay, you can write one on any topic or subject!

The keys to keeping it off

My name's Kerry Schroeder, I spent decades trying to lose weight that would stay off, but I never quite got there until a little over 11 years ago when I actually did it, I started losing weight.

It's now been nearly 8 years since I got to my current weight.

I started this website to inspire and help others to do the same, to get those pounds off and to make the changes last. To give you the tools for getting rid of that extra weight forever.

But over that time I've had a nagging suspicion that I wasn't quite 'getting' something. There was something else going on that had lead to actually being successful, to not only taking the kilos off, but making that loss last.

What was 'it' that had made the difference this time? It was more than just 'what' I was doing. I'd used many of these methods before and lost weight, but what was it that this time made it stay off?

Then I went looking at other success stories. I went looking to see what others did to lose weight and then to keep it off.

As a mother and a teacher I've had these nagging questions before. I think I've given my kids, or my students what information they need, what things they should be doing, to successfully do what's being asked of them, and yet I can tell by the results they're getting that I haven't. I can see that I've missed something important that they need to do, or know, so that they can succeed.

That's when I realized that it was just like when I teach essay writing...for my students to learn how to write great essays, first they have to know the elements of essay writing and how to use them.

Without this, no matter how much they know about the topic they're writing about, they'll never do it as well, or get the success they could achieve.

And when it comes to essay writing, this is the first thing we cover, the framework and elements of great essay writing, and we refer to them constantly.

This is why I developed this e-course, to give you what I learnt from not only my, but others success as well.

To give you the framework that answers the 'how do I lose weight and make it last' question

This 5 week e-course 5 Keys to Losing Weight and Making it Last is designed to do exactly the same thing for you, that teaching my students 'how to write an essay' does for them...the keys to success.

Yes, I'd like the 5 Key Elements of Success

This is not a diet, but THE keys to any diet!

There are no meal plans or recipes, no telling you what exercise to do and how often to do it, because this is not a diet.

The answer to How do I lose weight and keep it off? Is not found in any one diet, it's found in these 5 keys!

But these are elements that can make any diet successful.

In fact with these keys, you can craft your own diet, fill in your own content, use your own tools. Because just like knowing the craft of essay writing means you can craft an essay on any topic, knowing the 5 elements of lasting weight loss means you can go about it in any number of ways and still succeed at losing weight and making it last!

Each and every week for 5 weeks you'll:

  • learn what the 5 elements are so that you can get rid of that weight and keep it off
  • get to know exactly how to use these 5 elements and put them into practice to maximise your success, using any number of programs, or you can use these keys to construct your own personalised program
  • be introduced to the weight loss success stories so that you too can see the connections
  • right from your first installment start creating the body and life that you want

As well as 5 weekly installments, each installment focusing on one particular key, and most importantly how it works and how to use it, you'll receive a

BONUS 6th installment, in this installment you'll receive:

  • The simplest and most effective way to using these elements to successful weight loss forever.
  • The interesting things I found that you get told you should be doing, that aren't done by those who have successfully kept the weight off long term. Some of these will surprise you. And
  • Extra tips that are based around these 5 key elements that will get you faster results

When you sign up for the 5 Keys to Losing Weight and Making it Last e-course you will instantly be able to download a PDF introducing the course and what you can expect each week in your email Inbox.

PLUS... in this introduction you'll learn more about the the number 1 key to success.

This is the only place you'll find the 5 key elements to losing weight and making it last, distilled from not only my experience, but from other success stories too!

Inspiring people who have gained not only the bodies that they wanted, but have changed their lives and have never looked back!

What have you already paid to lose weight and keep it off? How many books have you bought about weight loss, programs have you tried?

I did the maths and I've spent at least $1,000 on books and programs over my life!

This e-course is not even one-tenth of that, in fact it's just a little over a $1 a day!

All 5 Keys to weight loss success...

PLUS the BONUS 6th instalment, for only $49! That's all!

Still not sure whether it's worth it? I understand that, before I won the battle I'd agonise over whether I should buy another book, pay for another program...but every dollar that I spent taught me something, just not the fundamentals of success, the keys that I needed to keep those pounds off!

I'm positive that you'll find this e-course enlightening, inspiring and most importantly USEFUL. I'm so confident that I'm offering it to you...

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If I had known the keys to making those losses last earlier...

But while it took me a long time to answer the 'how do I lose weight forever' you can get there faster , you can have those keys and know what it takes to get rid of that weight AND keep it off

That's what you will learn in this e-courseFrom this point forward you can lose pounds and you'll know what you need to do and how to do it to make sure that they stay lost.

You'll be answering your own 'how do I lose weight' question and writing your own success story!

There is one more thing that all those success stories have in common and that is that, to paraphrase a wellknown slogan feeling good and losing the fat forever...priceless!

It doesn't matter how many times you've tried before, you can lose weight, and you can keep it off!

Enrol NOW! In the 5 Keys to Losing Weight and Making it Last e-course, and answer that question 'how do I lose weight and make it last'.

Wishing you all the best and a leaner and lighter life,

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