How much should I weigh? Discovering your correct weight for height...

When you're overweight, you don't stand at the mirror asking yourself how much should I weigh? You just know you're overweight.

It's the way you feel, it's the extra flesh you see on your body. Yet, as soon as you make the decision to start losing weight, you want to know the correct weight for height that applies to you. This is a difficult question, because we're all different.

How much should I weigh? - Cutting through the confusion

While there are charts that suggest a correct weight for height weight range, they do differ. Why? Because there are so many variables to consider.

How much should I weigh will depend on your body frame size, your age and your gender. And while there are groups of people that will be the same age, same gender and same frame size, there are other personal and unique characteristics about you that will have a bearing on this.

How much should I weigh? - Personal differences.

You also have to take into account your unique body makeup.

Your body has some unique points that will affect what you should weigh. It's not only frame size that affects your weight, but density too.

Ultimately, it's about how your unique body works and feels (and looks), and how you want it be, that matters most.

How much muscle you have also has a bearing. Muscle ways more than fat. So as you work and build your muscles, they begin to weigh more than the fat that took up the space.

This is sometimes why people find that while they've lost inches, they weigh in heavier. And that's one of the biggest problems with weight to height charts. You're desperately trying to lose weight, you're using the scales and the charts as a way of determining what you should weigh. Yet the scales tell you you've put on! You get frustrated, you've been working so hard, why isn't it coming off? What's the point you'll never get to where the charts say you should be!

Forget about the charts - focus on how you feel, on how much size, inches, you've lost. On whether your body feels better, looks better and is becoming the body you want it to be.

Each person is unique. For example, when I pushed myself and got towards the lower weights in my so-called correct weight for height range...everyone was telling me I looked gaunt, a little sick and old! I noticed it to when I looked in the mirror, it seemed like the extra pounds had fallen from my face and upper chest, and I looked older.

Putting back on those couple of pounds gave my face a softer, gentler, and younger look.

The turning point for me, when I stopped asking myself 'how much should I weigh' and started concentrating on how I felt, and what I wanted my body to do and look like, the point when I realised that numbers and weights were a misleading goal, was in a Sunday afternoon visit to a friends house.

My girlfriend was going through her wardrobe (as you do when you're bored and uninspired, and you want some girly chat time!). We started trying on her clothes, now my girlfriend had put on a couple of pounds, and we started talking about how much we weighed.

Now when I told her my weight, she looked astounded, she said I must have read the scales wrong, because I weighed more than her, and that couldn't be right because I'd just tried on a pair of jeans that no longer fitted her (in fact she couldn't even get the button to the buttonhole) and which fitted me with room to spare.

How much should I weigh? - The weigh off!

So into the bathroom we go, out come her scales (I don't own a set, so I only weigh in friends with scales), and we do the deed...

I did in fact weigh 5 whole pounds more than her...that's over 2 kilograms! Yet, I'm a clothes size smaller than her.

According to body frame size measurements, we're the same frame size, we're the same height, and our ages are only one year apart, and we're the same gender...obviously, we're both women. We've both had three kids, and breastfed, so why the difference?

We are not the same person! Our weight also comes from our bones, our internal organs the whole kit and caboodle, and we aren't built the same. While we can't tell what's happening inside our bodies, when we stripped down to our underwear...our bodies are nowhere near the same!

She has a rounded belly, mine is quite flat. I have small calves and defined muscles there, the bottom half of her legs are rounder. She has a great chest and back, mine, on the other hand, is a little flabby!

The point is clear much should I weigh? I should be at a weight where I look my best, function at my best, feel my best...and which suits my body, and when you get to that point that's when you'll discover your right weight too.

This section will look at the current weight for height charts, as they are useful as a broad starting point, and it will also look at other ways of measuring up...ways that will show you just how well you're doing, and at how to work out where you're weight is best for you.

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