How to loose weight fast is easy...maintaining it takes planning

If you want to know how to loose weight fast, you just need to watch The Biggest Loser. There is nothing mystical about getting rid of it quickly, as long as you remember that if you don't manage the maintenance properly, losing weight quickly will turn into putting it back on quickly.

Each time you lose fast, put back on, lose again, put back on, you make it harder for your body to lose the next time. It starts to hold the weight like a bear in hibernation, and you do run the risk of damaging your health.

Hang in there though, don't give up, just consider how to loose weight fast and keep it off.

Focus and Commitment...

If you're going to take it off fast, you need to remember that you have to be committed to the maintenance when you get there!

You have to commit to the maintenance whether you lose it fast or slow, but fast makes it difficult to fully integrate the changes you're making into your life so that they become habits, that you think about them less.

Fast and healthy means you have to make losing weight your priority and keep it there until you've reached the weight you want, and maintained it. Only then can life go back to being a priority.

That's why The Biggest Loser contestants get taken away, there is no life! There's is a crash course in how to loose weight fast!

Watch the creep back...

That doesn't mean it can't be done, but remember that a very small percentage of the winners on shows like The Biggest Loser maintain the weight the are at end for five years, and a very large percentage put it back on, and some put on more. Some put on only a percentage of what they originally lost, but either way, they all say it's hard to maintain in real life.

It can work, I have on occasion lost weight fast and maintained the loss, but to do it I had to write myself notes and leave them on the fridge. It meant being constantly vigilant about what I was doing, and not short term either. To keep off those fast lost pounds I have had to put weight loss and maintenance at the fore of my life.

Be prepared for some setbacks, and be willing to constantly monitor not only your food and your exercise, but also your body shape and your weight.


If you're considering how to loose weight fast, and I add, keep it off, still do it healthily. Get checked by your doctor, eat healthy "real" foods, don't starve yourself, don't use supplements...keep it "real".

Mix up your exercise for both muscle strengthening and fat burning cardiovascular. Take some time off for your body to recuperate between really hard sessions.

Watch for fatigue and soreness. Have it checked out.

Plan for when life returns...

Have some notion of how you're going to do this before you start. Make these plans things that can fit into your life when you come of the intensive, fast loss process.

Plan ahead, once you've lost the weight you have to have some idea of how to maintain it. Once you have to move on from two hours of exercise a day, then you're going to have to compensate for the lack of energy burning activity by reducing your intake.

Because at some stage, life will become a priority again, and to lose all that work may be detrimental to your health, but it's definitely detrimental to your self esteem. And most of us want to loose weight and keep it off so that we feel good, not lousy!

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