How to lose weight safely and 5 tips to use for life

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The emphasis is on how to lose weight safely. The best way to lose weight for life, and maintain it is to take an approach that gives you much more than it takes away.

Losing weight as a term, focuses on the loss of something. But the real thing about losing weight is what you gain!

The best way to lose weight and gain so much more.

Safely is slowly - yes, I know, you want it now. But you didn't put on weight in one day, and you're not going to lose weight in a day. It takes time for the actions you're taking to take effect, just as it took time for you to notice how many pounds had crept on.

You're losing weight to gain something better. A healthier body, a leaner body, more energy, more self esteem...of any number of other things that form the reasons you've decided to lose weight. Fast weight loss won't give you those things, not long term, not even short term.

So be prepared for it to go slow. Focus on the image of what you want and remind yourself that you're in this for life! That way you'll be less likely to go for fast, and less sensible weight loss, and not reap the benefits of slow and steady progress.

Eat enough - you've gained weight because you've been eating more than your body needs, in terms of energy. To then lose that weight, you need to eat less than your energy needs, but you still need to eat so that you're body gets valuable nutrients, and so that it will lose weight.

Sounds a little daft, but our bodies aren't machines, they are organisms that are designed to adjust. If you want the benefit of long term weight loss, you're going to have to eat.

Firstly, can you not eat for the rest of your life? No, not unless you want that life span to be very short. Not eating is not maintainable, and this time you're developing a program for you, that you can maintain. So, why start by not eating, if it's not something you can do forever, what is to be gained by that...certainly not the healthier and leaner body you're looking for.

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Secondly, if you don't eat enough, your body will work against you! It knows that for it to function it needs to have some energy available to it. So it'll hold onto that fat, that emergency energy, because now it's not getting a daily intake to work with.

To gain the body and health that you want, you need to still give your body enough of what it needs so that it can function, so that it looks good and so that it helps you reach your goal.

Moving, moving, moving - whether you believe it or not, whether you think it's true or not, moving is one not only part of the best way to lose weight, it is also a component of how to lose weight safely.

Moving more means you're body will use more energy, it makes your muscles and joints stronger and it makes you feel good. It give you energy and you gain fitness...all right up there with the result you're trying to create, oh, and it helps you look good.

Modern technology and modern life has curbed our movement, and it is one of the great things we have lost.

Sensible weight loss, and sensible eating and sensible moving are the keys to how to lose weight safely.

They are also the keys to gaining all those things that you want from losing weight

5 Quick Tips

  • 1. Focus on the fact that you're doing this for life, to improve your life, for the time of your life, and for the rest of your life! So slow and steady is okay, heh you're in it from this point forward this is how to lose weight safely and permanently!
  • 2. If you're hungry those things that you know will help you towards you're goal. More fruit, vegetables, lean protein, unprocessed foods, lower fat, lower salt, lower sugar, breads with wholegrains, nuts...and so on. If you really need some potato chips have some, a small handful and then eat something else.
  • 3. To make better food choices and feed your body well and how to lose weight safely, you need to have those foods on hand. You can't choose foods to eat if they're not in your house, your lunch, your bag, on your plate! First you need to put them on your list, then you need to buy them...then you can eat them. Simple, but easily overlooked.
  • 4. You're losing weight, but focus more on what it is you're working to gain...gaining a leaner body, gaining more energy, and each time you go to make a choice, ask yourself whether the choice of what to eat or what to do will safely help you get there, or not. If it won't, make a different choice.
  • 5. Do what you can! If the best you can do today is move for 10 minutes and add two pieces of fruit into your diet, and take out one high calorie snack...wonderful, it's better than you did yesterday and they'll all help you reach you're goal. If you look back over the day and can see that you took advantage of that set of stairs rather than the lift...fantastic! Do what you can, each day, in your life!

When you focus on what you're trying to achieve, and what you'll be gaining, when you choose how to lose weight safely, you'll be well on your way to a lighter life!

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