How to start losing weight and making it work this time.

You're ready, now you want to know how to start losing weight and keeping it permanently off. You've thought about it, or agonised about it, because if you've done this before, and you're back looking for more advice and you really want it to work this time. I know, you wanted it to work the first time and the second, and the third... so did I.

This time, you're going to start with little steps, that require very little thinking, that only need you to be vigilant sometimes, that incorporate into your life with minimal fuss and bother.

Number 1: How to start losing weight? By doing a few little things that don't make you have to think so hard about it all the time.

There are so many things in our daily lives that clog our brain. It's a constant whir, we don't have time to dedicate continual focus to one thing, because something else is begging for our attention, and if to get lighter and permanently keep it off we have to do things that don't require our constant attention. Because we can't maintain it. At some point something's going to come in and distract us...and there goes the plan.

Number 2: How to start losing weight? With the knowledge that you've already done it (well, most of us have tried it at least once or twice!).

If you've been on the merry-go-round you'll know that you can loose weight, you've done it before and maybe even often. There's not really any issue with getting rid of the excess, it's doing it in a way that keeps it off, that's the difficulty. So, remind yourself that this time you're only going to do what you can do, all the time (well, 95% of the time, anyway)

Number 3: How to start losing weight? By doing the next three things and monitoring what happens!

So, the beginning steps are:

1. Get a piece of paper, pen and a tape measure, and stand in the bathroom with the door closed! This is between you and yourself, nobody else.

On the paper write the date and your current weight. Weigh yourself, don't assume you know how much you weigh...get the figure, write it on the paper, turn the scales off, and put them somewhere to gather dust for a while.

This is the last time for a very long time that you'll go anywhere near the scales. They aren't necessary and they tend to be downright depressing. I'll give you more on this later

2. Take a list of measurements: your upper arm, your waist, your hips, your thighs and your calf.

Take the measurements at the thickest points of these places. Where is not as important as making sure that you take them at the same place every time. (no more than fortnightly!!!). Now file that list somewhere you can find it later - I'd suggest not somewhere too "safe", I never find things again that put way somewhere too "safe".

You know you can put on weight one week, but still has lost body size don't you? In fact just to cheer you up, I have a girlfriend that weighs in at 4 kilograms (nearly 9 pounds) lighter than me. Yet, I'm a dress size can that be?

We are different...I have heavy, strong, European bones, my shape is different, and my breasts are bigger...weight is deceiving. Measurements will give you a far truer indication of how you're going than the scales.

Which reminds me...don't work on the fact that so-and-so weighs this much, and your the same height, so you should weigh that too. We are all different, in the same way that the lives we live are different, sometimes in small ways, sometimes in big ones...the goal here is to build a program that suits your life, your body, your personality. You've tried other people's programs it's time to develop your own "How to start losing weight permanently"

3. Now, for the first thing to do - make a choice on how to start losing weight - decide whether you want to start increasing the amount you you get rid of more of the fuel you're taking in...or take one full fat thing out of your diet.

If you choose to increase your movement try this:

- move while you're on the phone, walk around the house while you're talking on the phone, jiggle your leg under your desk, put on a load of washing while talking, just move your body while your talking, the more parts the better

- speed clean. If you're cleaning the house, or bits of it, do it fast, the faster the better. I love this, because I detest housework, so I get the job done faster, and I can fall on the couch for ten minutes when I've finished thinking...aren't I smart I've finished in double quick time and I've where's that remote??

If you choose to remove some fat, take the one full fat, or full sugar (soda, soft drink, muesli bars, snack bars) that you're going to change. Look at the label, and go to the shops. You buy these because you like the taste, you cannot replace them with something you don't like, you need to eat foods that you like, otherwise you'll never keep buying them.

So, go shopping, buy a couple of different varieties of the food you're trying to replace, check that the fat and/or sugar content is lower than the one you're already eating...the lower the better...but be prepared to try a few until you find one you enjoy. It might take a couple visits...well don't actually visit just to do this, unless you have the time, otherwise just do it when you do the groceries.

When you find ones that you like...just put these on the shopping list, buy them instead of the other ones! Not hard. You like them, they're yummy and you've cut a proportion of fat/sugar (nasties for the waistline) out of your diet.

That's're on the're learning how to start losing weight in a way that fit's you're life!

This isn't the end of course, but you've made a great start. You've either started to move you're body more, while still doing the things that need to be done in your life, or you've found a low fat/low sugar alternative to something in your fridge, and you actually like the taste! So there is no reason to go back to the less healthy, higher calorie one.You're working out what works for you and how to start losing weight for your life

Well done. Throughout this site you'll build on this starting point and put together a program for losing weight permanently. That meets your needs and fits into your life.

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