Losing Weight
When You Have A Family
And Very Little Time

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Time is short and losing weight can feel like another thing you have to ‘fit in’, even though you desperately want to do it, the demands of family, and life, just push it into the background.

You want to look good, you want to feel great, and you want to lose weight, yet your life is already busy and full.

You want help losing weight, an easy weight loss program that is simple and let’s you get on with your life.

I wanted the same thing.

Over 11 years ago I was 94 kilograms (207 pounds), then I lost about 70 pounds, and for the past8 years I have stayed between 59 and 60 kilograms (130-132 pounds).

Losing weight was never the issue. I’d follow the newest program or plan that promised me weight loss, and I’d lose weight. I’d look good, and feel great!

I couldn’t maintain it though. (see what a difference the 5 key elements make)

Eleven years ago I was home with a new baby, sleep-deprived and fat! I felt awful, and I looked that way too!

Have you ever felt that you’ll just resign yourself to fatness because you just don’t have the time or energy to do anything about it?

That’s where I was. And I’d failed to keep it off so many times before, it just seemed too hard.

Especially then, how was I going to do it, now that I had a family as well?

What I needed was...

An Easy Weight Loss Program with Minimal Fuss

So, I started a simple, easy program for losing weight that left what little time I had intact, and that fitted in with my schedule and life.

That program was, and is, focused on doing things that are healthy and good for the whole family.

Why the emphasis on family? Because...

  • I only have time to cook one meal...not 3
  • I don't want my kids thinking 'dieting' is okay...as long as your old. I wouldn't let them diet, so what was I doing doing it?
  • I wanted to look good and feel good for me, and I wanted them to learn the right way.
  • But most of all, because if it wasn't for all of us, then I knew that if would get too hard, and I'd never keep it off.

Step-by-step I improved not only what I was eating, but how much I was eating.

I started moving more, not just by doing exercise, but just in activity.

I starting feeling better and I started looking better.

Then I added more to my life, I had two more children and started working from home as well...and the weight still kept coming off.

The best part is that it’s stayed off!

When I started there was a lot of information and 'diets' out there, but not a lot that was particularly helpful when you didn't want something that added more work to your day, or that you're kids wouldn't eat.

Now, there's a lot more helpful, easy ways of losing weight, forever, that's designed for people just like you, and me, that can be used with the family by the family so that everyone benefits.

You can look great, and feel better, you can lose weight simply, effectively and long term, and you can do it with a family.

You can get into those clothes you like.

You can go to the beach and wear a swimsuit, and play with your family.

If you’re looking for help losing weight, and you’re short of everything, especially time, then...

You need less decoration and the finer points. The nitty-gritty and the window dressing just becomes too overwhelming, too much to take it, and instead of helping it makes it all too hard.

You need the basics, the blocks, the bricks and the mortar, because that’s all you have time for.

And you need simple and easy ways to do it, that are family-friendly.

If that’s what you’re looking for then it’s time to start.

You'll find tips and hints for losing weight, with a family, and everything else that keeps you busy, and you'll find lots of great resources that can help you get to where you want to be easily and simply.

Very simply, start by bookmarking this page.

Then if you want to, you can click at the top button on the left, the orange one. That one sends you updates about the site as they happen, so you’ll get the latest without having to try and remember to come back and keep looking.

Then get started...family-friendly long term weight loss.

One step at a time, in the time you have, and start doing little things that will lead to big changes.

You should always consult a doctor or health professional before starting any program. As time-consuming as that sounds, you should do it. It’s important, and time well spent.

Disclaimer: Because the world revolves around lawyers and courts, I have to add in that...All content on life-and-losing-weight.com is for general information only. Life-and-losing-weight.com is not responsible for any damages a user suffers as a result of using the content on this site, or those of external sites and products listed here. Now that’s out of the way, there’s far more interesting things to be reading....

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