Split your list of healthy food into three categories...

No foods are off limits, so a list of healthy food is about dividing foods into three categories...everyday and often, occasionally once or twice a week, and rarely. While you're losing weight, keep as much to the everyday foods as possible.

You can lose weight with a balanced healthy diet, and depending on how much weight you've got to lose, and how many changes you can realistically put into your life, it can come off fast. To speed up the process you need to reasses what foods you're eating most often, and whether those foods should be moved to either the occasionally or rarely columns.

Why do a list of healthy food this way?

One of the biggest issues in our modern fast society is that foods that were once only eaten at parties or once in a while, have become regular and usual in our diet.

When you actually sit down and write out what you should be doing it does two things - one if gets you thinking about the healthier choices you can make then and there, and secondly it gives you an instant referral list for later on. Every time you feel like you've maybe the occasional foods have creeped their way back in...you can go back to the list.

The other thing is that it's harder to be less than realistic when you have to commit it to paper. Putting pizza in the everyday list looks wrong...you know it, and that's the point, it's much harder to try and fool yourself if you have to look at it in writing.

A good tip: At the top of your list of healthy food, write something short to remind yourself of how this list will help you. "I will eat as often as possible from my everyday foods, and I will occasionally have some of the others".

When your losing weight it can be easy to sabotage yourself. As soon as you say "I won't do this again, ever!" or, "I will not eat things from that side of the list"...you set yourself up for failure.

I've tried many diets that have certain foods that are "banned". I think it's the very thought of never having them again...all of a sudden I want them! And I want them lots! Silly, I know, but everytime I'd see one of these foods I'd say, 'No,No you don't need it', and then I'd want it more.

Now if I see something I'll often think that it looks good, and I could eat some, but it will still be there tomorrow, and I had some last week...and often that's all it needs. Just a mental acknowledgment that I can have it, that it will be there tomorrow, and I can have it if I want.

All food is okay for you. It's that some food is better in less amounts and less often. And when you do a list of healthy food this way, the everyday food list is enormous. But when you get a pattern where the occasional and rarely foods have become the majority of your eating, you forget about the other things.

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