Getting your list of low fat foods from the shop to your mouth.

On any list of low fat foods, lots of healthy vegetables and fruit should be there. Make them a part of your standard grocery list, make them a part of your usual shopping and put them in the house. Then you'll be aloe to eat them!

Healthy vegetables and fruit should make up half of each meal, but this can require a bit of rethinking.

Talking to a group of women the other week, one of them said that she understand why, but she was having trouble with the how…

How to get the most from your list of low fat foods...

We know they're good for us, we know we should be eating more, but we are often very limited in the variety of healthy vegetables we eat and in how we prepare them and when we eat them.

  • Rethink the when - it's easy to think of vegetables as dinner items, or lunch (in a salad usually). But they're great for breakfast and snack too. An omelette with mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, zucchini strips and onion…4 vegetables before you've left the house!
  • Recipe site - there are so many recipe sits around, with great ways of preparing vegetables. Have a search. Find a recipe with vegetables you wouldn't normally eat and give it a go. If you find something that tastes great, and believe me there's a lot out there, put them on your standard grocery list, and add the recipe to your meal planning folder.
  • Here's a really quick one to do - when you do dinner, put a layer of either mixed winter leaves, or baby spinach (or use both) under your meat or protein. Lay your fish on top, or your beef, or your chicken. The lovely juices from the meat make them taste great, you've added an extra vegetable (or two) to your day, with no effort whatsoever…you didn't even need to cook it!
Each time you find something you like, and a way you like it prepared, add it to you list of low fat foods, and your standard grocery shopping list.

Making it a regular on the list, and putting it in the house is the first and most important step to getting it into your body.

Of course, the same applies in reverse, leave some of the highly processed and high fat foods in the shop…it's difficult to eat something that you don't have around!

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