What about loose skin after losing weight?

Yes, you may have some loose skin after losing weight, there may be those flabby upper arms, some loose skin on your belly, and it’ll be more noticeable if you’ve lost weight quickly.

The treatment is exercise and losing weight, and continued exercise after you’ve lost the pounds.

Specifically muscle toning exercises that work the muscles under the loose skin.

The more fat you’ve lost, and the quicker you lost it, the more chance you’ll have of having that excess skin. That skin has been pushed out and stretched by the pounds, it needs time, and a little help, to get back into place.

Stomach and upper arm excess

The excess skin on your stomach can be the most noticeable, well that and the flabby upper arms.

You can work on this though, keep up the exercise and work on the muscles in these areas and the skin will slowly shrink.

Look, honestly, it may not all go. I’ve had three children and was overweight for a long time, so I always have a little extra around my belly. And the arms are showing signs of wear and tear too.

By the same token, my mother has never been over weight, and she still has a little excess skin on her stomach.

With regards to those upper arms. The same applies...work the muscles in them, it will reduce, it may even all go, but it does take time.

The skin on those parts of your body has been stretched for as long as you’ve been overweight, and if you’ve been overweight for a while, it’s had a lot of time to be stretched.

It will take time to go back, if you’re still dropping pounds, make sure you exercise and losing weight won’t leave you with as much loose skin.

As you notice places on your body that have some excess skin, focus on doing some muscle toning work for these areas.

It doesn’t have to be hours. Something as simple as 3 sets of 8 tricep dips, done slowly, with a break in between takes about 5 minutes.

Doing that every second day and you’ll be surprised at the difference in a few weeks.

Dancing is great for your core muscles, for the whole stomach area. Twist to your favourite song a few times a week in the lounge room, it’s great for a laugh to! And a good laugh is always a great thing to have in your day!

Keep at it and that loose skin after losing weight will tighten up and shrink back to those toned, fit muscles.

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