Lose weight for free fast - a healthy shopping list and a lot more moving

Lose weight for free fast? Yep, actually save yourself money! Work on your shopping list and shape it into a healthy food list.

Lose weight for free fast...what are you buying each week?

Check you shopping list, how many sugary and flavoured drinks are on that list. Divide them by half.

It's quite possible, if I bought it, that the people in this house (including me) could go through a few liters of soft drink, cordial and flavoured milk without even noticing. What's worse is you don't even notice the calories that each drink is adding to your hips.

Go back to making these drinks specials. Buy only one a week, share it around, enjoy it. The next week buy something different. It isn't going to hurt anyone, and they won't die of thirst, the tap is always open! They may give you a bit of grief, but hey remind them that you pay for the groceries, and the dentists bills, and the doctors bills, and even if you don't...your looking after their health. If all else fails threaten them with no allowance, no dinners cooked, no washing done!

You're not going to hurt anyone by calming saying no and sticking to it. Also remind them that the money you save also means everyone can have other treats, a trip to the movies, lunch out at your favourite restaurant, they'll get it, just keep at it.

Do you have prepackaged meals on your list? Just try cutting one prepackaged night out a week and replace it with something quick and easy.

Don't try to replace it with a gourmet meal, most of the time it's not so much to calorie and portion control that gets us buying prepackaged meals, it's the convenience. So do something convenient that costs less, like a quick soup, or a five-minute pasta.

Start working on your shopping list, into a healthy food list, taking the high energy low nutrient foods out, and putting cheaper healthier alternatives in...there may even be things, like the sugary drinks you can take out all together.

Lose weight for free fast...put more on your body

I know this sounds a little nuts, but the more weight our body has to carry around, the harder it works and the more energy it burns.

So bulk it up. Add weights to your pockets (soup cans are great for this, or stick your small dumbells in your pockets while you do the housework.

When you walk, fill a backpack with books and things and carry that on your walk, watch how your energy expenditure increases. Don't go overboard, you don't want to cripple yourself, but don't be afraid to make your body work a little harder. Putting three kilograms in a back pack and walk around with it for a couple of hours...it's also great for reminding yourself that you really don't want those extra three kilograms on your body all the time!

Move more. Take every opportunity to move, walk, run a bit if you want. Take the stairs. Anything that gets you up. Lose the remote for a week and get up to change the channel. (I don't mind doing this, but boy, does it cause some scowls from everyone else...they don't necessarily share my enthusiasm for this idea.)

You can lose weight for free fast. In fact, you can save money while you're losing weight. There are so many expensive things that we don't need and that, because of the quantities we consume, are not good for our health or our weight, that easily creep onto our shopping list which can be carved off if we build a healthy food list. Cutting these out is free, actually it's putting more money into your pocket.

There are so many ways we can just increase the amount we move, none of which cost us anything except taking a few moments to focus on how to do it, and then doing it.

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