You can lose weight walking and saving time are not mutually exclusive...

When I was fat I started to lose weight walking. This was the first real exercise I'd done in a long time, and while if you look at a table that shows exercises for losing weight and the number of calories used, you'd be disappointed, the walking made a huge difference to me, and it isn't the time guzzler you may think it is.

When I didn't walk I was hungrier, I felt sluggish. On weeks where I walked more, I noticed that I lost more centimetres, partially I think because I didn't snack and walk, and at that time, I wasn't really able to tell the difference between eating out of hunger, and eating out of boredom, or stress, or just to keep awake.

Losing weight and achieving the body you want is not an exact science, otherwise there'd be one solution, a formula that we could all follow and we'd all be just the way we wanted to.

We're all different, and our bodies, while similar, are all different to. Just take a look at the people you pass on the street. Their all different shapes and sizes. Shapes especially.

Moving uses energy, energy comes from food and the fat on our bodies, and walking has the added advantage of less strain on your joints than many other exercises.

Part of losing weight for me as also wanting to feel good. Walking did this in two ways. One I always felt better just getting out and knowing I was taking positive action to change my body, and two walking itself, with or without weight loss gave me more energy. It was something I could do fat or fit. In fact I still do it. I walk the kids to school everyday, and I walk to get bread and milk. It's great, and while not everything can be multi tasked successfully, walking for daily necessities is something that is easily done.

Time, Time, Time...

Does it take extra time? Only sometimes. Really, I've worked it out that by the time I get int he car, put on my seatbelt, back out the drive, drive (at the speed limit, you can't cheat by going faster here), find a car park, as close as possible, shop, get back in the car, start up, drive, get home, get the bread and milk out...well, if everything goes great when I drive it may take 10 minutes less than walking, but if there's a lot of traffic, or not many carparks, I could lose 10 as well.

And now, I've got a job done, and exercised as well. I still walk today, as maintenance, but lose weight walking was even more important when I no longer wanted to be fat.

Lack of time sounds valid as a reason not to try lose weight walking places, but I never feel as good knowing I've taken the car, when I could have walked.

And even if you can't do it everyday, what about once a week on your day off? There's a sense of well-being just in taking positive action, in knowing that you've done something to help yourself, instead of made excuses that really, are based on pretty flimsy excuses, if you're being honest with yourself.

To lose weight walking, do it as much as you may even save time

I saw a test, goodness knows where, where they calculated the number of calories used walking one kilometre, with the number of calories used running over the same distance.

Guess what? They found that the difference in the amount of energy used was minimal over the same distance, the biggest difference was that the runner used those calories up in much less time, because of course running will get you over that kilometre much faster.

So what does this mean for walkers? Or, for those considering whether they should try lose weight walking to more places? It means that if you want to maximise the benefits you'll get from walking, do it as much as you can, you don't have to tun, you just have to cover as much distance as you can throughout each day; 20 steps here, 20 steps all adds up to a healthier, happier you.

I've heard all the excuses, of which the biggest is "I don't have time to walk". Maybe true, but here's a thought for you...if you walk from the third carpark to the door of the shops in 10 seconds, you could park 8 carparks from the doors, walk faster, and still get to the door in 10 seconds, and you'd have used more energy, not because you've walked faster, but because you've walked further, and it hasn't taken you one more second!

Think about it for a minute...If you need to go to the first floor, and you have to wait for the lift, which is just coming down from floor 3, by the time the lift gets to you, you get in, the doors close, you get to the first floor, the doors open and you step could have walked the flight of stairs, and probably saved yourself some seconds.

Try it. Time it, don't take my word for it. Press the button and see how long it takes for you to get where you want to go. Then time it if you use the stairs.

Are you really losing time walking?

And if the time your 'losing' is 10 it anyway! You'll have a warm glow of achievement, and you'll have moved your body and helped yourself along the road of losing weight, getting the body you want, and you'll already feel a little better about yourself and the world around you.

What ways can you get moving and lose weight walking?

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