Lose weight walking yourself lighter and healthier.

It's simple to lose weight walking, and as an activity it's easy to underestimate, you tend to think that once you stop the calories burned walking stops too...but it doesn't, after you stop, your body gradually slows back down, in the process of doing this, you are burning more calories sitting down than you would have if you hadn't worked at all.

Every step counts.

Every step you take makes your body work. It's easy with all the emphasis on intense and sweaty workout routines, to forget that every little movement counts.

If you walk an extra 100 steps a day (that's from one end of my house to the other and back) that means each week you've got your body moving an extra 700 steps!

Multi tasking to lose weight walking, and having fun.

Rather than think you have to not do something and walk instead, walking's a great activity that combines with other things.

Why not intensify the calories burned walking by taking a walk along the beach? Do it with a friend, your family, the dog. Walking through sand or water puts resistance on your body, makes your muscles work harder...and you don't have to think about it...you're too busy catching up on what everyone's doing.

You've forgotten to get milk. Yes, you can drive to the supermarket, or you can take the five minute walk to the local milk bar or corner store. Short of time, walk faster, jog on the way there if you want to.

Everything you do, including walking, doesn't have to be about losing weight. It can be about other things, like having fun, getting a job done...you make it an active, energetic activity instead of trying to make it as inactive as possible.

Here are some other ways to lose weight walking:

  • when you go shopping, take a fast trip around the whole centre to get a quick look at what sales are available in every store, then take a leisurely look around the stores you want
  • park one block from school and walk your children in, don't race, just leisurely walk the kids to the gate, and then walk back to the car. It'll only take you five minutes, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that the calories burned walking are still burning
  • on your way to an exercise class, or your favourite sport, park further away and take that few extra steps.
  • have a cold or feeling a little under the weather? Take a walk around the garden and start planning for the next season. The fresh air will make you feel good, and again you're making your body work
  • You will lose weight walking, and you can vary the length and intensity as much as you want. Walking up hill will increase the calories burned walking because you're making you're body work harder.

    Every step you take will keep you moving forward with your goal of losing weight, maintaining it and improving your fitness. It can be one of your daily workout routines, or it can be the only one.

    It builds muscle, which burns energy and fat, it keeps you're body working even after you've stopped, it clears the head and improves your sense of wellbeing, it reduces stress and improves your health...lose weight walking and walk your way to a lighter, healthier you.

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