Simple ways for losing baby weight

Baby's arrived and now it's time to start losing baby weight. So what can you do?

Losing the baby weight in small manageable steps.

  • Check with your doctor...this is very important, pregnancy and childbirth is a wonderful thing, it also has big after affects on your body, so check first.
  • Concentrate on manageable things. It can be overwhelming with a new baby, so don't apply extra pressure, remember that manageable steps are maintainable...small things make a big difference
  • Do it healthily, baby needs you healthy, you need you healthy, the family need you healthy
  • Make it simple, not complicated.

Losing baby weight - some simple strategies.

  • This may be the time to have meals delivered for a couple of weeks. You don't have to necessarily pay for expensive services, when friends ask you what you need, ask them if they'd mind supplying a casserole or something. That way you only have to worry about how much you're going to eat...not what and how you're going to get it cooked
  • Quick, nutritious snacks - fill the fridge with fruit, low fat yoghurts, and the pantry with nuts, tins of soup (low salt low fat), and the freezer with frozen vegetables and fruits. That's not all you should eat, but it gives a good start to quick pick foods when you're losing weight after baby and have a terrible case of the munchies
  • See exercise for all the wonderful things it does - it's not another chore. Walking and even an exercise video, or a dance around the house with baby to some of your favourite music will give you energy, relax you and make you smile...all things that help with weight loss after pregnancy.
  • Focus on eating in a way that gives you what you need to take care of yourself, the baby and the family. Healthy, nutritious, balanced meals, less processed foods, more unprocessed. And eat as much as you need, just try and choose foods that will give you these things as much as you can.
  • Drink lots of water - not only does it help you feel full, but if you don't stay hydrated you'll feel even more tired and lethargic, and your body needs the fluid to process the foods you eat

And the final biggest tip for losing baby weight...

Give it time and do what you can when you can! It took nine months for that baby, and it was worth the wait wasn't it? Well, treat losing weight after baby the same...take it slow, let good eating habits gradually into your life, and it'll be worth the wait, and you'll be able to maintain it.

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