Losing weight after baby...eating and moving.

You can start losing weight after baby as soon as the baby's born. Be smart about it though. Your body has been through a lot, and you need to respect it.

If you've had a caesarian section. Check with your doctor first. As well as the whole baby thing, you've had major surgery, and you need to give your body time to heal. That doesn't mean you can't start now, just leave the exercise bit for a while,

Losing Weight After Baby - The eating bit.

1. Keep the fridge and cupboard stocked with low fat, low sugar snacks that you can grab as soon as you start to feel even the smallest bit peckish.

Babies make you hungry. So eat! Now is a great time to get into healthy eating, even if you didn't before the baby was born.

It's also good practice for when the baby starts 'real foods'.

Losing weight after baby doesn't mean not eating. Food is still fuel.

Because it takes time to get into a new routine, and you're tired, and there's always the chance that just as you're going to make yourself a lovely healthy meal, someone cries, or needs a nappy change, or is a little grumpy, it's easy to skip the food.

This will just make you more tired, and worse, when you do get a chance to eat, you'll be too exhausted to care what it is. In fact, you'll probably crave high fat, and high sugar, just to try and satisfy the hunger pangs, which have by this time have hit fever pitch.

Optimally, the experts agree that the best way to eat is sitting down and eating relaxed and really tasting the food. Well, news flash - very hard to do when you have a new baby. For now, just focus on getting the best you can when you can.

Knowing the elements to lasting weight loss will make the journey a much easier one.

If your cupboard and fridge are full of low fat/low sugar, easy to grab foods, that's what you'll eat.

If you're cupboard and fridge are packed with high fat, high sugar snacks...guess what? You'll eat high fat and high sugar.

2. Snack...Lots. Because there's a good chance things will come up that have you missing meals, or eating late. Snack as soon as you feel peckish.

This also helps reduce the feeling of tiredness, because your body has continuous fuel to work on. So, eat little bits often.

Snacking on healthy foods when you have a new baby also helps ward off the brain dullness. Keep the fuel coming. Keep the snacks close to hand. When you pack the baby's stuff to go out, don't forget to put in food and drink for you. Just make them healthy choices.

A really good way to keep the food up is to grab yourself something to eat before you sit down to feed the baby.

Grab your food and a drink, and while your feeding baby, feed yourself! Most babies eat every three to four hours (mine would even go through spurts of eating every hour and a half! Lots of time to snack)

It has the added advantage of being able to sit down and eat, drink, and relax a little. Feed the baby...Feed the mother!If you don't eat, losing weight after baby will be harder, because your body will into starvation mode, and hold onto the stores of fat.

If your breastfeeding, make sure you take a big drink of water with you. A lot of mothers I know, me included, would start to die of thirst as soon as that baby started to feed! I think it's to remind us that to supply milk, we need food and water. So, give your body what it needs.

Losing Weight After Baby - The moving/exercise bit

1. Those exercises that the doctor tells you to do as soon as the babies born...do them!

Firstly, they start getting your stomach and core muscles back into shape, and secondly they'll reducing the risk of you wetting yourself quite so often as you get older!

Secondly, they're a good set of exercises to learn and fit in whenever you can, forever. I didn't do mine with the first...but then I was resigned to being fat and flabby forever, so who cared what my core muscles were like. But, with the second and third I did them religiously...then I was thinner, and now I did care what shape my muscles and my stomach were in!

2. When you start losing weight after baby, the great thing is the baby helps! Yes, they do...they love movement! And, let's face it, you don't have a choice...you're up and down getting them, still doing all the other things that need to be done.

Take advantage of the opportunity. It's not always easy, sometimes you just feel tired. Do it anyway, take advantage to move as much as you can, with as much energy as possible. Pushing the pram, flex and relax your arm muscles as you go, walk a little faster, a little harder.

Have things to do around the house, but can't get the baby to settle? Put them in a pouch or sling, and take them with you. Their weight works like resistance, so you use more energy, and they love it. They love being close to you, and it's a lot less stressful and easy to get things done, when baby's happy!

While baby's playing on the floor, lay down beside them and fit in some stretches for flexibility, some push ups, some stomach crunches, some leg lifts. They love it! As they get older they start imitating you...great, because now they're seeing that moving and exercise are a part of life.

Losing Weight after Baby

Remind yourself that there will be days you'll feel wonderful, you'll maximise your moving, and eat only the best of foods. You'll feel energetic, great about your achievements and your life in general, and your baby in particular.

You'll also have days where walking to the clothesline just doesn't happen, where you're tired and exhausted, and baby's not happy either. It's o.k. Don't beat yourself up about it. If you do the best you can, when you can, you'll get there.

Getting there means realizing that you'll have setbacks and you'll have leaps forward. Pure relentless is the key. Grab a bad snack, just smile ruefully and do it better next time. Your life will go through many changes, and if you focus on moving more and eating well, on not falling into the trap of feeling guilty or blaming yourself, but putting one foot after another. You'll lose that baby weight and feel and look great!

Losing Weight After Baby - Putting it together

Fill the food stores with foods with less fat, less sugar. So that's what you've got to choose from.

Throw snacks in the babies bag when you pack to go out. Eat them in the car, walking around the shops, whenever you're peckish.

Eat when baby eats. Drink too. Make a plate up, sit down, enjoy your food and feeding your baby.

Move with as much energy and as often as you can.Move with baby, next to baby, around baby! (Big tip here. Don't move when baby sleeps, at least not early on, when baby sleeps, try and rest. Rest is important too...it'll give you more energy when baby's awake, and less brain fuzziness.)

Losing weight after baby is simple in theory...in practice it's simple too, help yourself as much as you can. Don't put the high calorie snacks in the house...then you can't eat then...or grab them by mistake when your too tired to see straight!

Move as much as you can with as much energy as you can at any given moment...This may mean crawling faster, because you're too tired to walk upright! That's o.k just crawl with maximum energy!

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