Losing weight after pregnancy is like parenting.

Losing weight after pregnancy can make you groan. How do you go about losing weight after baby when you're sleep deprived and there's just no time?

Well, you do it the same way that you parent, learning as you go along.

There is so much going on when you bring home a baby, regardless of whether it's your first or third (I can't testify to what it's like bringing home any after this, but I'd hazard a guess there's no less going on), how do you fit, or even think about losing the baby weight, somedays just getting food onto the table is nearly impossible.

Yet, we do parent, and we do look after baby, and anyone else that's living with us, with the exception of ourselves sometimes, and how do we do that... one thing at a time.

It was all that extra flab, and the tiredness, that made me realise that if I was going to be losing the pregnancy weight, and some extra, then I was going to have to work it out as I went along.

Just in the same way that I was going to have to work out parenting.

Losing pregnancy weight is just like parenting, you make it up as you go along.

We all have great ideas about parenting, we have a plan, and then we have children, and realise that someone forgot to fill them in on the plan before they sent them to us.

You know the thing, babies sleep this amount of time...what baby, not mine!

They need to be fed every 3 hours...hang on, there must have been a programming glitch in mine, what's this two hours bit?

If you get you and baby into a routine, then it will all go along very nicely and you can bask in the beauty of your child! Oh, please, I had planned my routine, I read the books, two sleeps a day, morning and afternoon, always put them down at the same time, would you mind telling me who was responsible for telling my child!

Oh yes, and on that topic, when you have baby number 2 or 3, what person decide to put school times for the first child at the same time as babies scheduled nap, and the second childs preschool sessions just when baby is supposed to be having their 3 hourly feed!

Yet, we get through it, we adjust for the situation, we cope, we raise those kids...one step, one day at a time.

Getting started to lose baby weight, a couple of quick tips

I was breastfeeding and when you're losing weight while breastfeeding you find your body can give you hints on what to do

Firstly, breastfeeding makes you thirsty, very thirsty, in fact, the minute you sit down to feed it feels like you've been stranded in the desert for 5 days!

Use this to your advantage, drink water. Lots of water, ditch the soft drink, and get into water. If you're not breastfeeding, you're still sitting down with baby and the bottle, drink while they're drinking.

This is the ideal time to swap sugary drinks for plain water.

Secondly, you're now shopping for things you've never shopped before, nappies, formula, then baby food.

You want healthy things for your baby, start looking at healthy things for you too.

Like choosing better snacks. Breastfeeding made me hungry, so I upped the fruit, and at the same time, swapped high fat and high sugar snacks for lower fat and lower sugar options.

I had too, motherhood made me want to eat like a horse, I had to find alternatives that would keep my energy up, so I could keep up with what was demanded of me, without gaining weight.

Goodness knows I didn't want to look 9 months pregnant again, without actually being pregnant! It's one thing entirely for people to look at you and go, "Oh, are you pregnant, congratulations" that makes you glow, only of course, if you are actually pregnant. Otherwise it just made we want to sink into the ground.

You know you've reached the depths when you consider, for a brief moment answering 'yes, I'm pregnant' even when you're not, and yes, sadly, I've been there. Not one of my finest hours.

We have the power, it's called exercise!

There is power in exercise, really, it's true! And we need all the power we can get.

When you're trying to cope with all the ramifications of a new person in the house (and stay sane) and losing weight after pregnancy, any exercise you may have been doing before pregnancy, can quickly get lost.

Don't despair, when that little cherub gets a little finicky, when they're not hungry, and they have already pooped, and you've run out of ideas and are about to pull your hair out...take them for a walk, the faster the better.

You can keep baby happy and get back into exercise to help losing weight after baby. Put then in a pouch, pull out the pram, carry them around the garden.

It's amazing what a little exercise does for your energy levels and your babies mood! Hey, a good mother often puts her children first, you're doing this for them! And it's okay to do it for you too.

Things are rarely constant with a baby, or children, or teenagers...or, oh let's face it, nothing ever goes to plan in a family, so you do what you can when you can, you take each situation as it comes, you adapt and adjust, you make the best choice available at any given time.

You raise kids this way, and you lose baby weight this way too.

There is no such thing as a perfect plan for parenting, because babies refuse to read the manual, and they just won't play the way you want them too. Yet, we parent, we raise kids, we feel our way along, and we do the best we can.

One of the most important things parents do, is raise children, common sense really.

We would like a blow by blow description of what to do, but we know parenting isn't like that, so we make it up as we go along.

Losing weight after pregnancy, actually at any time, is the same. If you think about it, you know where you can improve what you're eating, and you know whether you should be exercising more or not.

Like parenting, losing weight after baby will depend on your circumstances, on your day, on your life, so tackle it like you parent, make it up as you go along.

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