Losing weight and fat, tips on how to lose body fat, not muscle

Losing weight and fat aren’t always the same thing. To look and feel good you want to lose fat not muscle.

Without the muscle you’re body will sag in more ways than one, and you won’t feel as good either. Your weight loss will be harder to maintain as well.

Lose fat not muscle for the best results

To look and feel good your focus is on dropping weight, while maintaining and building up muscles.

Looking good does not usually include a description with the word ‘saggy’ in it, and to prevent this word becoming an adjective that pops into your mind when you look in the mirror, muscle is the key.

  • Muscle supports your entire body, it’s also what’s left when you get rid of the fat on top. When the muscles aren’t worked, the body sags...everywhere
  • Muscle does weigh more than fat, it’s true. But it also takes up a lot less room, and it stops the sag.
  • Muscle BURNS fat and energy. It takes energy to build muscle and those muscles require energy to function all the time, having more of them is HELPFUL to maintaining long term weight loss

Building muscle, and keeping muscle doesn’t require weight lifting at the gym, they just need to be used!

Walking, lifting shopping bags, going for a swim, all of these work muscles.

You can add to this exercises for specific muscle groups, like stomach flattening exercises , if you want to, or if there are particular areas of your body that need a little extra attention.

The bottom line is that you want to lighter, with less fat, not muscle.

How to lose body fat

Losing weight and fat can be accomplished just through reducing the amount you eat.

If you look closely at how many calories are burned when you exercise, you’ll see that it takes a lot of exercise to burn a few hundred calories.

Walking at about 4 miles per hour (6.4 kilometres an hour), you’d burn off about 170 calories every 30 minutes.

Whereas, eat one less regular muffin per day , which takes about 2 - 5 minutes to eat and that’s about 170 calories.

So why bother with the exercise? Well, it’s all about the muscle.

If you’re hoping that losing weight and fat will help you look and feel better then the exercise is just as important.

The exercise will build and maintain the muscle that burns more fat, that will hold your body up, that will give you energy and that will help you look good.

One without the other won’t give you what it is you’re looking for.

I know, if I don’t exercise, ‘saggy’ is the best word to describe how I feel, and how I look, I may not have put on any weight because I eat less because I know I’m not using the same amount of energy, but it sure doesn’t help my cause any!

Here’s another way of looking at it, if your aim is to be losing weight and fat, if you USE 170 calories in exercise, and eat one less muffin, so take in 170 calories LESS, you’ll have 170 less calories that can’t be converted into fat (because you didn’t eat them, and burned 170 off, now if I’m any good at math, that’s 340 calories less than you had yesterday.

You’ve eaten less calories, exercised some off, and helped your muscles...you’re on your way to losing weight and fat with just those two little things.

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