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Contribute to Losing Weight

Would you like to share your knowledge about losing weight? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Losing Weight And Me

This page gives you a glimpse at how Iosing weight helped my life...but not the way you probably expect.

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10 Healthiest Foods OR The Big Picture

Are there 10 healthiest foods that are the answer to long term weight loss? Is there 100 healthiest foods?

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How Do I Lose Weight For Life The Answer Is With 5 Keys

How do I lose weight and keep it off? Really, how? If you've tried losing weight before, succeeded, but then put it back again, you are missing the 5 key elements to making it last.

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Tricked into dieting

I’m going to mention Healthy Eating and you’re going to want to click to another site...Wait!

Read every word of this and you’ll learn one of the biggest reasons why you’ve had so much trouble with long term weight loss, and why diets are still so popular.

It’s all in the way diets, and healthy eating, are marketed and sold.

Think about it for a minute, you know that healthy diet and healthy eating is the best way to lose weight, and maintain it.

You also know that it’s the best way to feed your family.

So why don’t we all just do it?

Because we’re pulled towards things that are ‘fast’, and ‘easy’ and these are not things we associate with healthy weight loss and eating, these are words we associate with dieting!

Lose 20 pounds in just 6 weeks! Following a six week plan is enticing, and the kind of thing you’ll see advertising a ‘diet’.

We don’t mind changing our lifestyle and buying strange foods and drinking only tea, because it’s only for 6 weeks.

Healthy eating on the other hand is marketed as something for life, and that sounds like forever.

How are we going to do this forever? Oh my god! That’s not fast, that’s not easy!

And that’s why we’re having so much trouble ditching diets.

We’re scared off by the way that healthy eating is portrayed:

  • for life - sounds like a prison sentence
  • slow steady long term weight loss - we read the ‘slow’ and ‘steady’ and our brains have already turned off!

Compare that to diet terminology

  • in 6 weeks - that’s quick. It doesn’t really matter what we have to do, for 6 weeks who cares?
  • ’fast’ and ‘easy’ - we read ‘fast’ and ‘easy’ and again, we don’t see the rest, we’re already sold! That sentence could say anything it wants...wouldn’t matter, we have read everything we want to read.


You can lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks eating healthy

You can actually choose to do it for 6 weeks, or 2.

Weight loss success with (dare I say it) healthy eating even for 6 weeks will still be a great improvement on 6 weeks dieting or doing what you are now.

It’s not just about fruit and vegetables...and even if it was, if you’re willing to only eat white foods, or only protein and drink tea for 2 weeks or 4 weeks or 6, then why not fruits and vegetables?.

But wait, there’s more...

’Diets’ market themselves as guaranteed success, millions of people have lost weight on diets!!

This true, and millions more have kept the fat off with a healthy diet and healthy eating and some of them have never even got fat!

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Ultimate Weight Loss Plan How Do I Choose An Effective Easy Weight Loss Program

What should you be looking for in the ultimate weight loss plan? Find out here what makes successful weight loss programs for permanent weight loss.

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Benefits Of A Healthy Diet A How-To Guide

Achieve the benefits of a healthy diet with this easy to follow, family friendly handbook.

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Are we missing the effects of fast food? Or, Let's Make Our Children Fat!

Recently I saw a thing on television that there’s a thick shake out there, that contains a whopping 1680 calories.

And that people are buying it, for their children!

I’m all for convenient and fast, and even for fast food, occasionally (really home is faster and cheaper)!

Currently, on this site are articles that say don’t abandon fast food, you can still have it, use common sense and moderation, and so on.

This has been written by me.

I even write that fast food is not bad.

As an adult we make our own choices as to what we do with our bodies, as long as that choice doesn’t inflict pain on someone else.

As parents we make choices for and on behalf of our children. They too can have fast food, but as parents we have the power (and should be using it) to teach them about ‘limits’ - how much is enough, how often is often enough.

So, it’s okay to give our kids some fast food, it’s part of their’s part of our modern lives (we could of course show them how to make fast food at home), but whether we do this or not...

It’s not okay to give a child a shake that contains 1680 calories!

Let them make that choice for themselves later when you’ve given them everything they need to have a healthy diet, to be fit, and to feel good about themselves.

That’s nearly an entire days worth of food and nutritionally questionable.

It’s okay to have fast food, it’s okay to give your kids some fast food, but we need to apply some limits.

Limits on how often, and limits on how much!!

Incredible, I’m still flabbergasted, parents allowing their children to have, and buying for them, a processed shake with 1680 calories in it. Speechless.

There are alternatives, lets make fast food at home. I don't think it would even be possible to cram that amount of calories in a reasonable size shake made with fresh ingredients, and all in under 2 minutes. And it would be a lot better for our kids, and us too, we wouldn't then be helping them get fat and unhealthy.

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A Safe Weight Loss Plan Easy Weight Loss Programs

A safe weight loss plan for quick healthy weight loss that's family friendly? Does such a thing exist?

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Food Serving Sizes And Portion Control Tips

Reducing your food serving sizes, or simply and easily changing your food portion size, can achieve a smaller dress size

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Food Serving Sizes News From the USDA

Recently the USDA released a new food serving sizes initiative, 'MyPlate'.

It's not so much that it is 'new', using your plate as an easy guide to consciously thinking about the quantities you eat has been around for quite a while.

And there are some great ways that make it family-friendly and simple to use.

What is good and new is that the USDA is promoting simple, effective ways to lose weight.

Counting calories to determine food serving sizes and using the food pyramid haven't been particularly successful for many people, simply because there is a lot involved in actually doing it.

What is a serve anyway on the food pyramid? and counting up calories can be laborious to say the least.

It's good to see the endorsement of a much simpler, less time consuming and easier way to monitor your intake at a meal.

You can also use some other very simple methods in conjunction with the plate portion size, or by themselves.

Monitoring how much you're consuming and then making adjustments to this as necessary is one of the easiest ways to lose those pounds.

And if you keep practicing at it, you'll keep those pounds off too.

For more helpful food serving sizes tips click the link below

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Our jobs and exercises for losing weight...what's the link?

What's the link between exercises for losing weight and the job we do?

Well recent research in America has found that workers need about 100 calories less a day to do their jobs than they did in the 1960's.

One hundred calories may nor sound like much but over 180 days, 100 calories can be the equivalent of 4.4 pounds (2 kilograms) of stored fat!

Over a year that's 8.8 pounds!

Now most of us love our technological advancements that make life easier, especially at work.

But in reducing the amount of incidental moving and exercise we do with all these great devices is contributing to our increasing girth.

All moving is important, all moving helps.

It's not just the conscious 'exercise' programs that we do, but the little bits of daily activity that can help us conquer our weight and maintain it.

That's at work too.

So how can you move more at work?

How can you move more getting to and from work?

The more ways we come up to move the better.

Have you heard the saying 'move it or lose it', well in terms of long term maintainable weight loss it should be:

'Move it and Lose it'

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Plan your List of Healthy Snacks...Be Prepared!

It's easy to get caught unawares by hunger.

One minute your okay, the next you're trawling through the cupboards and the fridge looking for something to snack on...and this is when you don't usually make good choices for losing weight!

So follow the boy prepared.

If it isn't in the house, or the car, or the gym bag, then you can't choose it!

Then you're stuck with whatever there is available.

A list of healthy snacks as part of you're grocery list helps, make sure you put something snacky and healthy in the cupboard each time you shop.

Then you can grab something quickly on the way to the car, or the couch, but you'll have good choices available.

It's always better to think and write your list of healthy snacks when you're not starving, otherwise you'll find some items creeping in that in a less weak moment, you wouldn't have considered.

Here's some more things about healthy snacks

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Correct Weight For Height And Losing Weight

What is the best way to work out correct weight for height? Are body weight charts effective for goal setting?

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Getting over Crash Dieting Eating Healthy And Losing Weight

Eating healthy and losing weight is still running second to crash dieting.

It was European Obesity Day on May 21 and to mark the day Slimming World (UK) released figures concerning yo-yo dieting.

It found in its survey that 21 percent of women have yo-yo dieted at least 5 times.

And 11 percent have done it more than 10 times, 6 percent have dieted and regained 20 times.

I don't doubt those figures, based on my own experience.

Putting aside the issues of increased weight, the most debilitating thing about yo-yo dieting is the mental strain.

You get the weight off, that feels great, but as it creeps (or rushes) back, you just feel bad, a failure, that something is wrong with you, that you just don't have the willpower.

Eating healthy and losing weight is different. It's true that it's not always as fast, but it lasts longer.

It's maintainable, and it feels better long term.

It may not feel great every day, but nothing does. Some days you love you're job, some days it's just a chore.

Crash dieting is no great shakes either. I don't think there's anyone that can say that every day they're following some fad diets that they feel great.

Make changes step by step, get used to eating healthy and losing weight will come.

Ditch the yo-yo diets, ditch the negative feelings and positively move towards a leaner healthier you.

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Low Calorie Low Fat Diet Low Fat Low Calorie Diets

A low calorie low fat diet can get you losing weight, but there are considerations with a calorie restriction diet.

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Easy Ways To Loose Weight Top Tips to Loose Weight

There are easy ways to loose weight (lose weight). Pick and choose some tips to develop easy weight loss programs for yourself.

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Calories In Fat Calories Per Gram Of Fat

There are more calories in fat than in any other food. Use this simple way to calculate calories from fat and just as simply lose weight.

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High Protein Low Fat Foods For Losing Weight And Hunger Control

Why high protein low fat foods, and what ones in your low fat diet plans?

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Effects of Fast Food Keeping The Positives Without the Calories In Fast Food

We like the positive effects of fast food, the convenience and ease, yet we still want to be losing weight. How can we have both?

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