Permanent, healthy weight loss means losing weight by eating

Are you making sure that you're losing weight by eating? I once tried losing weight by not eating - worked like a charm...until I started putting food back into my mouth.

Our bodies go into starvation mode when we don't eat. The only way to permanent weight loss is losing weight by eating.

If we cut back on out food too drastically, or try not eating at all, our bodies try and hold onto as much fat as possible. They consider that we've hit a major worldwide famine, and that to guarantee our survival, they have to drip out the energy reserves as slowly and minutely as possible.

The end result is that we lose very little, we starve our body of nutrients, so we stop functioning properly, and as soon as we start eating again, our bodies go "Yippee..." and hang onto that food as tightly as possible as well. Just in case another famine is coming along soon.

Losing weight by eating enough

While it's true that to lose weight we have to put in less than our body needs. We need to be careful that we're still putting in enough regularly during the day.

It's not only about the fuel though. Thee are some nutrients that our body needs that are stored in the body themselves, there are others, such as vitamin c, that the body doesn't store, so we need to replenish these supplies daily.

Eating properly also keeps our metabolism working. When we eat our body has to do something with it. It uses energy to do this, some from the food we've consumed on that day, sometimes from the fat stored in our bodies. When we don't give our bodies food, it slows down, it doesn't have to process anything, so it uses less energy.

We need to eat enough that our body gets the daily nutrients it needs and has food to process, and gets the idea that our body will be getting fuel everyday, so it doesn't need to slow down and hold onto our fat because it's worried about a famine coming.

Losing weight and eating keeps the fuzzies at bay

It's not only our body that suffers when we drop the calorie intake too low, our brains suffer as well. There's lots of research on this, especially regarding children. They've proved that children who don't eat breakfast, and don't eat enough, aren't able to concentrate or learn as well as those who do.

The same applies to us big people. Notice that if you try losing weight by eating very little you get tired, very tired. Sometimes you get headaches, you have no energy, and quite often grumpy and cranky are words people use to describe you.

And you're not even helping your weight loss cause! And there are lots of ways of increasing your calorie intake that are also good habits for eating properly, which are better for you now and in the long term.

Easy ways of losing weight by eating

If you've already cut your calories severely, up the calories with some healthy snacks. Add a piece of fruit between each meal. Bananas are particularly good. They're high in potassium and very filling.

Increase the amount of vegetables you have at a meal. Either by upping the amount of the ones you're already having, or adding an extra vegetable into the mix.

Make sure you're having some fats in your diet too. Too many is not good, neither is not enough. Add some avocado, eat a few nuts, some cheese.

To lose weight permanently, you have to lose weight by eating, not eating can be detrimental to your weight loss efforts, can do damage to your body's functioning and while short term you may lose weight, at some stage you're going to have to eat again, and maintaining that type of loss is impossible, so you will put it back on...or you will get sick!

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