What is your losing weight motivation?

Why bother? Well, that depends on what your losing weight motivation is.

Why do you want offload the pounds? Maybe one or more of these will ring bells with you:

  • I don't like what I see in the mirror
  • I won't look in the mirror
  • the only clothes I can wear are variations on the potato sack theme
  • nothing I wear makes me feel good
  • I wouldn't be caught dead in a bathing suit...let alone a bikini (beware of this one...I won't be seen dead in a bikini and it has nothing to do with the weight issue)
  • I just want to look and feel sexy/handsome...and leered at occasionally (in the nicest possible way...and only by my partner, of course)

Here are some more pearls for losing weight motivation:

  • I shouldn't care how other people see me...but I don't like how I see myself
  • I know I'm a nice/good/lovely person....and it's not selfish to want a body to match
  • I want to be the best person I can be...in the best body I can have

Or, some other things that might perk up your losing weight motivation:

  • I want to be healthy so I can live long enough to do everything I want to do
  • I want to play with my kids/grand kids, not just watch them from the chair because once my butt's in I can't get out
  • I want to show others, friends and family, that have issues with their weight, that they too can be everything they want to be
  • I want to do anything and everything that strikes my fancy and not feel like my weight is holding me back (really, our weight doesn't hold us back from doing many things, unless we're excessively overweight, but as long as we think it does, we might as well be tethered to a pole. So let's take away the weight...sure won't do any harm, and then we'll deal with the perception bit)

It doesn't really matter what your losing weight motivation is. It'll be more than one thing anyway, there will be a whole pile of reasons why you don't want or need the pounds.

What ever the reasons are, and nobody else need know...any reason is reason enough. There's no hierarchy of motivators. No one reason is any better, more sound, or qualitatively higher. It's about what motivates you!

The reasons why you want to lose weight are your reasons, the bottom line is that as you get healthier, and as you get closer to a weight that your body is designed to carry, that won't stress it out so much, you'll feel better about yourself.

I have yet to meet anyone who has lost weight and not felt better about their life! It's the putting it back on and having to do it again that's depressing.

Knowing the elements to make it last can dramatically increase your chances of losing and never having to diet again.

Use what motivates you, to lose weight and keep it off in your life...Remember you own it this time. It's a way that fits you...it's your program, your plan, your life!!

The thing is...do it a way that maximises your health. Physically, emotionally and mentally. That doesn't increase the stress on your body, or send it into survival mode! (Starvation and fasting, so little food that your body goes into hibernation are all bad, bad, bad! You're just swapping one lot of problems for another)

Be honest about what your losing weight motivation is, and use that to your best advantage. As your body, and your life, change, so too will what motivates you, that's o.k.

Just acknowledge that you want different things now than you did last week, and use those things to help you keep moving forward.

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