A low calorie low fat diet will have you losing weight, but it may not be best long term.

There is no doubt that a low calorie low fat diet will see you lose pounds, but how low do you go with low fat low calorie diets? And are they good for long term weight loss?

If you’re counting calories and considering dropping them below 1200, then make sure you talk to a doctor about it.

These very low energy intake diets need medical supervision to ensure that you’re getting the nutrients you need.

You can lose a lot of weight fast with these diets, but there can be side effects and any calorie restriction diet of this type needs to be monitored carefully.

The biggest down sides to a low calorie low fat diet...

Jumping straight into a low fat low calorie diet can be difficult to maintain, even for the short term.

While willpower may get you through your hunger for a day or two, eventually you’re likely to throw in the towel, and binge on anything you can find.

Choosing to lower your calories and your fat gradually, is a much better option than a very low calorie diet to get you losing weight that stays off.

Going on a calorie restriction diet is still a diet, and one of the biggest difficulties in making big changes quickly, is maintaining them long term.

You didn’t just wake up one morning and start eating as much as you do now.

Over time your portion sizes have increased. You may have just started by sometimes having a small amount of seconds.

Then you may have started having seconds at every meal, just because there was some left over and you didn’t yet feel full.

You may just have been extra hungry one day and started eating one extra cake, and then liked it so much that you started easting that extra cake every day.

The weight you’ve gained and the amount you eat has crept up, not jumped out at you one morning and attached itself to your body.

Getting rid of that weight, retraining yourself to make different choices, and practicing at it each day, takes time as well.

Instead of giving you more energy and making you feel better, a calorie restriction diet can leave you feeling tired and lethargic, this also makes it hard to keep going.

If you lead a busy life, feeling tired isn’t going to help. In fact, if you’re tired you’re less likely to want to keep going on.

This lack of energy can also be compounded by the fact that some low fat low calorie diets, because they are so low in energy, tell you not to exercise (another reason why you need to consult a doctor).

This is good reasoning, based on the fact that you’re not eating enough to have the energy to exercise, but exercise is important to long term weight loss.

It’s important to making you feel good, it’s important to ‘use it or lose it’!

You want your body to carry you through a long life that you can live to the fullest, for this you need your body in good shape.

Moving more, exercising and getting out there are all part of this, so a calorie restriction diet that prevents you from exercising isn’t going to pay off in the long run.

The upside to a calorie restriction diet

Having said all that, if you are overweight, and want to lose weight, then you are going to have to eat less than you need so that you use the fat stores, a low calorie low fat diet will do that, short term, but...

Focus on working your way gradually into a lower calorie lower fat diet.

Start with one or two changes, get used to these, and then make some more changes.

Let yourself get used to what your doing. Think of it as practice, you may not be good at dancing, but if you want to dance, you practice, you get a little better, and you keep practicing until you’re where you want to be.

It’s the same with losing weight, practice, do what you can, keep at it, keep aiming for healthy choices that you can build on and maintain long term.

Build in some healthier options or swap some of the processed foods you’re eating now for lower calorie, healthier options and you will lose weight, and you will maintain it.

If you feel that a low, or very low calorie low fat diet is the only answer for you, then go to your doctor and talk to them about it, so that they can fully explain the risks, and what you’ll be up against.

Then you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

I’ve never had any luck maintaining the weight loss from jumping straight into a low calorie low fat diet, and I’ve tried a few. Practice and small steps each day is the key for losing weight and maintaining it long term.

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