Magic spells for losing weight don't exist, but there is magic involved...

There are no magic spells for losing weight! How I wish there were! An incantation, a special mix of herbs and various other ingredients and you're done for life!

Don't believe me - if there were magic spells for losing weight that were perfectly effective, someone would be selling them and making a mint! Alas, it still seems to be evading everyone...but is it really that elusive??

You do actually have at your disposal all the ingredients to make your own magic formula, if such a thing was to exist.

Magic spells for losing weight - The Ingredients

There is nothing magic in the ingredients themselves. You need a healthy diet plan, or food guide. You also need a group of ways of moving more and exercising, and you need to put less into your body than your body needs.

These are the three major ingredients for losing weight and keeping it off permanently. Alone they are just three ingredients, each of which may need a little research and a little trial and error until you get the quantities of each each just right, for your lifestyle and personality.

Magic spells for losing weight - the magic is in the mix

If we were able to produce a spell for losing weight, how we mix these ingredients together is what makes produces the magic.

Actually, there's more than one way! You can work different combination's of the ingredients above to produce the right spell for you.

Some days, or weeks, or months, you may find that more physical activity and exercise fits wonderfully into your life, so you eat a little more because you know you're burning off more energy. That's one workable spell for you.

Then you may find that, for whatever reason, you aren't able to spend as much time exercising, or putting very much movement into your, you compensate by altering your eating still get the same result, and you've found another variation of the same ingredients that will work for you.

There will be many mixes that work for you, many different recipes, all based on the same ingredients, that can give you the effect you're looking for...weight loss for life.

In the same way that magic spells need to be tried and tested, then the ingredients adjusted to get the right effect (I'm only guessing here, I think the last magic spell I tried was when I was about six...and I didn't get a unicorn then either!), or recipes have the quantities of their ingredients changed until they taste just right, you need to try and test various amounts of the necessary ingredients, and find the ones that will work for you.

If you have the basic ingredients, you will lose weight and you will keep it off, but because circumstances, situations, you and your life change, it's a bit like a recipe evolution...rather than a perfect fit for ever. You adapt and adjust to the changes in your life, and you adapt and adjust your weight loss program to suit.

It is not magical working out what works for's experimenting and being willing to keep at it. It's realising that there is more than one way to lose weight, and that how you mix the ingredients matters. And in realising that you have all the ingredients at your disposal, you just need to adapt them to suit you. The magic for you, is in how you put it together, and in what you get out of it.

No magic spells for losing weight - but there's magic in the results!

While there may be no magic in what you need to do to lose weight and keep it off, I can tell you, there is magic in the results.

It's hard to stop smiling when you know that you can shop for clothes anywhere you like, for whatever you like, and the choices are endless! That's a magical feeling.

There's magic in getting up in the morning and feeling good about yourself, in knowing that once you deal with the bed-hair and the sleepy'll look good and feel good. That's a magical feeling.

There's magic in sliding into a dress and a pair of high heels, and being able to hold your head up high, because there's no flabby bits, it fits right and your partner ogles you (For you guys, alter the dress for dress pants, and the high heels for Italian leather shoes). That's a magical feeling.

There's magic in seeing a reflection in a shop window, and thinking I wish I looked that good...and then realising that it's you. That's a magical feeling.

There is definitely magic in losing weight and watching day-by-day go by without it coming back, until it's been so long that you don't remember not being able to see your toes when you stood up straight, and looked down. Or the last time you had anything in your wardrobe that resembled a sack!

So, while there are no magic spells for losing weight...keeping working on it, keep adjusting the ingredients depending on what's happening in your life...and you will have those magic feelings!

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