Nutritional Facts Fruits keep you in shape for losing weight.

You don't need to be a nutritionist to understand the nutritional facts Fruits are high on the list when you're looking to lose weight and keep it off permanently. The nutritional value of fruit can't be underestimated when it comes to maintaining a lean and fit body. Because they are foods for life, and you can eat them copiously!

The Nutritional facts fruits (and Vegetables) are the hungry persons best friends!

You can get fat as a vegetarian...but it's as much about how you prepare the foods as it is for a nonvegetarian, an omnivore like me!

All fruits consist of high levels of water and fibre. Both of which we don't have enough of in our diet. Most people still don't drink enough water, or eat enough fibre. Both of these things are extremely good for making you feel full...when you're hungry, fill the hole with fruit.

Unlike plain water, or fibre that you add to foods (you know the powdery stuff that you buy in containers). The body has to work to extract the fibre, water, and to process them...this uses energy. But also unlike plain water and 'added' fibre...they come packed with extra things that our bodies need to function efficiently...

And a body that functions efficiently burns more fat, and makes you feel lighter and better!

If one of the reasons you have trouble losing weight is because you always feel hungry...stop feeling hungry, add in more fruits! Have five or six pieces a day if you need. You'll feel fuller on five pieces of fruit than you will on a packet of chips and you'll look better and lighter for it.

The Nutritional facts fruits are still good for you...regardless of the arguments.

Most people don't eat fruit everyday, let alone 2 to 3 pieces! I've heard people say that they don't bother because they've heard that there isn't any goodness in fruit anymore...because it's in storage so long, and treated with pesticides.

Well, any fruit is better than none! While the jury is still out...if you are eating fat filled, high calorie processed snacks instead, regardless of how little nutrients are left in today's fruit, you'll still lose more weight eating low nutrient 2-3 pieces of fruit a day, rather than the snacks you're eating now!

And if you want the full enchilada, the peak of nutrient rich and filling...try frozen!

Frozen fruit isn't preservative's snap frozen soon after picking, it's about as close to straight from the tree or vine or bush as you're going to get without growing your own or going to the farm.

And there are so many frozen fruits, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries. Try frozen raspberries and banana on top of low fat frozen yoghurt, or a couple of frozen mango cheeks pureed and drizzled over a fruit salad! Yummy, low fat (nearly non-existent), very filling, eat as big a bowl as you like...and downright healthy. And it looks great too.

Forget what's being said, a (maybe) nutritionally deficient apple or pear still beats a small hot chips from McDonalds, or a sugar laden snack bar for losing weight, maintaining weight loss and getting your body in tip-top shape!

The Nutritional Facts Fruits are more than a supplement...

Fruits shouldn't be a supplement in your diet, they should be a major part of it.

There is a general idea going round that we should all take some supplements because of our generally nutritionally poor diet. While this may be the case, don't bypass the fruits for a supplement.

Supplements only contain a few of the necessary nutrients, and not necessarily in the best form for our body to use. If you want to drop pounds, feel and look lighter, want your skin to shine, and have people comment on how good you look...put the fruits back into your diet.

Fruits are sources of vitamins (particularly A and C), minerals (phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and iron) and a boatload of antioxidants that protect against early aging.

When you replace the high fats and sugar laden snacks with'll have more energy, yet you'll be eating less calories, you'll feel lighter, and you're body will get lighter, and you'll be losing weight and keeping it off.

Nutritional Facts Fruits as the ideal snack: A fresh banana and a glass of milk is almost a complete balanced meal!

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