Choosing an overweight calculator that's right for you

An overweight calculator works with numbers and measurements. The best overweight test is how you feel about yourself, numbers and measurements can be deceiving.

In terms of what is scientifically (at the moment) considered by many the best indicator, is using Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine whether you're carrying too much weight or not.

And, it is the best we have around at the moment, so it's worth using it as an indicator. It's not foolproof or a magic answer to the question though. If you look at calculating your BMI do remember that even the experts say that it isn't definitive. We're all made different, so you need to consider it a guideline, it's one part of a bigger picture.

If there's no definitive answer to this question from 'experts' then how do you know, can we really tell just by looking in the mirror? What' s the right weight for me, is there a good overweight test?

Am I overweight?

What makes this question complicated is that to find the answer we have to compare ourselves to something. We either use a chart, or formula, or numbers as an overweight calculator, or we compare ourselves to those around us, or to those we think are the best looking, or the fittest, or the leanest.

And we can do all of these and not come up with the same answer.

A chart my tell you that you're overweight, you're Body Mass Index may be above the 'healthy range' so on this overweight test, you're overweight.

The people around you may all be big, both in height and breadth, and if you compare yourself to them, you may appear to be not overweight at all.

If you're comparison point is some celebrity, then you could be thinking that you're not only overweight, but extremely overweight.

If it all depends on what you're comparing yourself too, then what overweight calculator is right? How can you tell, how do you answer the question 'Am I overweight?'

Getting past the comparison overweight calculator

By setting your own standards based on health, how your body feels and operates, and what your goal is for your life and your body.

You need to find what's right for you, at what weight, at what size, you feel at your best, look your best, and that you're happy with, for now.

You need to set your own standards based on what it is you want to create, for yourself.

Your ideas may change along the way, that's okay, in fact it's normal. I'm still refining and adjusting all the time, it's called learning. But if you're overweight calculator is set on comparisons to others and to charts, you'll be forever chasing someone else's definition of what is overweight. And depending on what you're comparing yourself too, you'll feel confused and frustrated.

The notion of what is overweight is like fashion, it comes and goes, it changes all the time. Once we were just comparing our heights to weights, now we have BMI, once the people put in front of us as epitomes of great bodies were models like Twiggy, and then along came Elle Macpherson.

These fashions are going to continue to change, and there will be changes to the scientific numbers method too, body fat measuring devise and BMI charts will give way to something else.

So what do you aim for? You aim for a healthy body that does what you want it to do and that looks and feels the way you want it to. It's a simple concept, but not easy. our whole lives seem built around comparing ourselves to others.

It requires honesty too, there is a point at which being too lean, or being too fat is medically unhealthy, but where that point is wavers as well. That's what the numbers and charts are for, to give you a guide to work on (guides...not definitives!) like waist measurements there's a lot of evidence to suggest that once your waist goes over a certain size your health is at risk, while that's a valuable guideline to follow, an unhealthy body will rarely do what you want it to do for the long run, eventually it'll start giving out on you and more than likely earlier rather than later.

So use this type of overweight calculator as a guide to your weight, and for the rest, take note of what it is you want, how your body feels, what is the best you can be, rather than relying on comparing yourself to others.

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