Overweight celebrities are they kindred spirits?

The media takes a lot of interest in overweight celebrities. In overweight actresses and their 'battle' with 'their condition'. Does this help us mortal overweight women?

Even now I read these articles, and I do it a little guiltily. Part of me wants to refuse to read it, it's none of my business, and who would want to get up in the morning and find an unflattering discussion by someone else, spread out in a magazine for the world to see? That's like being photographed in your pyjamas, when your putting out your rubbish bins, it's a little rude! Not to mention embarrassing.

The other part of me wants to get straight into the article, like reading it will make me feel like we're kindred spirits, these overweight celebrities and me, that we have something in common, that we're not that different after all. I've been an overweight woman, I know how they feel, or do I?

Overweight actresses as role models

I can remember, when I was in my 'acceptance' stage, (you know that time where you tell yourself that being overweight is just the way you are, and that you'll be much happier if you accept it), seeing one of these overweight celebrities, who's name escapes me at the moment (not a huge celebrity obviously), on television telling a journalist that she was happy with who she was.

She was smiling, vivacious, and exuberant, and talking about how the public assumes that she wants to be thinner, while in actual fact she liked her big body, that women should celebrate their bigger bodies, that being round was sexy, and she loved it. And that our body image didn't have to be a negative one just because you were overweight, that you were allowed to love it.

I applauded her, that's what I should do, I thought, that's true acceptance, celebrate the advantages of being one of those curvy, sexy overweight women.

I tried, I really did, but I just never quite believed it for myself.

Even so, it occurred to me that there were probably many more overweight celebrities out there that were happy with themselves, that I hadn't considered the possibility that they didn't feel the need to lose weight, that I was assuming because the headlines about these overweight actresses had a negative spin, that they were negative about it too.

We weren't all in the same boat then were we? I no longer felt like kindred spirits.

These overweight actresses were actually more evolved than I was, they got it, they'd gotten over it...I on the other hand was still floundering around in the land of forcing myself to acceptance, positive thinking and all that hoopla. Maybe I could learn something from this woman, a role-model for appreciating what I had.

Skip forward a year...

A year later that same women was back on television, promoting her new book on weight loss!

She had lost a massive number of pounds. Was promoting the benefits of being lean and healthy, and I was shell-shocked!

How could she? How could she make these claims to acceptance and now say that losing weight was the best thing that ever happened to her, I felt like she sold me, and everyone else who had seen her a year ago, out.

But had she? No, not really. I realised that we were in fact kindred spirits once again.

For me, and obviously even some overweight celebrities, putting on a brave face, looking for positives, trying to convince ourselves (and everyone around us) of something that we didn't truly believe, wasn't that uncommon among overweight women.

We were back on the same page. I felt better.

Just recently the same thing happened. A young singer had said in an article that she was happy with her rounder, fuller body, that she was fit and healthy, and that's what mattered...a few months later, a lot of pounds lighter, she was saying that she had the best body that she ever had, that she was now working out with a personal trainer, that she felt better about herself...and that she was still an advocate of a healthy lifestyle and healthy body, just a lighter one!

So, does any of this help us mortal women? Well, it seems that we're all mortal, aren't we?

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