The perfect female body, what will it do for you?

The perfect female body is the one you picture yourself with, it's the one of those beautiful female bodies that you imagine yourself to have.

Your perfect female body is the one that is right for you, it's not someone else's body, celebrity or otherwise, it's not what you think everyone else considers perfect. It's what you want for yourself.

Having it isn't as hard as you think, though it does require work, wishing and dreaming alone just won't cut it.

You can have that body by keeping in mind the picture of what you want, and what you want your body to achieve for you, and then mindfully making choices that help you achieve that, step-by-step, choice by choice, mouthful by mouthful.

What is a perfect female body?

From what we see in the media we've started thinking that the perfect female body is whatever the current fashion designers want in their runway models, or what current, high-profile movie stars are walking around in.

You've started thinking that to have the perfect female body, you have to aspire to be like them, anything less is not enough.

Rethink that idea, straight away. That isn't going to hold up.

Firstly, those models and celebrities may have what is today considered to be the perfect female body, but who decided that? And how come it's not the same as what was considered perfect even 5 or 10 years ago? I wonder what will be considered desirable in another 5 years?

Each of those people was born with specific, unique characteristics. Each of those people, just like you, works with those characteristics. Each of those people has jobs and things they want their body to do, and they act accordingly, so can you. Each of these people work within the realm of the body they were born with, and so can you.

Those people can't change the basics though of who they are. Even plastic surgery can't do that. I suppose you could go in for bone removal or something equally as damaging, unnecessary and stupid, but really to do that would be to miss a vital point...that each of us has unique characteristics, and that the perfect female body is one that honours those, and does what we need it and want it to do, for ourselves.

What do I want my body to actually do?

I don't know what you want your body to do, but I can tell you what I want mine to do.

I want my body to:

  • be strong enough to get me through the daily life I live now and want to live in the future. So I need it to have energy, function well, get sick as little as possible, and last as long as possible
  • look it's best, which ironically happens when it's also strong and able to do those things I've mentioned above.
  • look and feel good, so that I walk around with confidence in it. It's in good shape, I look good in these clothes, I feel good in these clothes.
  • last the distance, in it's best possible shape, for as long as possible, so that I do all those things that I haven't got to yet.

When I was overweight, my body wouldn't do those things. It would do some of them, but not all. What isn't in what I want my body to do is look like someone else. My perfect female body is one that does what I want it to do for me, that's what makes it perfect.

Perfectly mine, perfectly tailored to me and my life.

I want to look as good as I can...and I can, within my own body. And I have seen some pretty scary sites of people who have lost a great deal of weight, but they neither look good, or sound like they feel good either. Because while they've lost weight, something they desperately wanted, they focused on losing weight as the whole picture, not on what it was they wanted from their body, what they wanted it to do.

For your body to be more than just thin, for it to carry you through your life and work for you, you need to give it what it needs, and you need to know what it is you want it to do...and losing weight is probably not it!

If you want to run a marathon, there are things you're going to have to do so that you're body can do that for you. If you want to be able to keep up with your kids, or grandkids, or your partner, there's choices and decisions here that will give your body what it needs to do that too.

Focus on that perfect body for you, what it is you want it to do, for you, you have your body, that's what you have, with it's own characteristics, work with those and shape your body the way you want it to be.

You can walk tall in your own body, look good in your own body, feel good in your own body...and live your life in your very own perfect female body!

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