The perfect female body is right there...there...look, see it?

It's easy to get obsessed with the idea of the perfect female body. Add to this all the stuff out there that gives you numbers and statistics about ideal body weight...and for many of us...we're doomed to failure...we focus on this goal and then feel flattened when we fail.

Whether we believe it or not, we were born with the greatest for us! Does that mean we are stuck forever with the body we have now? No...not by a long shot.

No matter what the media presents as 'perfect', or what others tell us is our ideal body weight, or even how we're told we should look at our body can continually make healthy choices to improves your body's look and feel...and it's never too late, and every bit counts.

The perfect female body and fat.

Each of us is different, ideal body weight charts and numbers are indicators only. They are a guideline...they are not perfect, they are not 100% accurate...they are not necessarily 'right'. And every perfect female body has fat!

Fat feeds us, fat pads us out and gives us shape...not just muscle, fat. Fat is useful, fat is good, fat is feminine (masculine too). Whether you believe it or not, your body is not going to let you get rid of all the needs need helps you look good, and it nourishes you.

It's only too much that poses a problem. And you can change that. You have the perfect female body...the one you were born with, now concentrate on making it healthy and happy, it will reward you ten-fold.

It will reward you not only in the way it looks, it will reward you because you'll feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you're making it happen! You're making the choices, you're doing the moving, you're choosing health...and you'll realise that the perfect female body was always there, and you'll feel good about it...And what's more, that great body will start to emerge before you're very eyes!

You will find you're ideal body weight as you get closer to it, and the perfect female body and shape for you, will come with it. Your perfect female body.

There is no point aiming to look like Barbie...never going to happen, in fact there is no-one, repeat no-one, who has Barbies measurements...not one single person on this earth has Barbies body shape! Zip...nada...nicks...there's no body like Barbie!

Look closer!

I look at some of the most stunning women in the world...and I don't look like any of them. But here's what I found, I spent so much time looking at others and being a little envious of their bodies...that I forgot to look at my own.

And when I did look at myself, I was already looking for the negative bits. I didn't even look at the big picture, just the parts that I didn't like...needless to say my self body image was a little flawed...a little like a hallucination!

Now look...look closely, no matter how many pounds you're carrying, under those extra bits, those bits that represent some of the less than healthy choices you might have made to date, is that great body, see it, see your outline, see below the already have it, it's always been there. That's the body you should be focusing on...that one, there, in front of you, in the mirror.

Whether I believe it or not...I can't change genetics, but I can continually make choices to have my body in as good working order, and shape as possible...and not only be happy with that, but be proud of it too.

Healthy choices have positive affects not only on your body, but on your personality, your sense of wellbeing, your emotional states, and the way you interact with others. Your resilience and coping ability, the way you make others feel, is all tied together, and positive changes you make to any of these will have positive affects on all the others too.

Make the mental shift, you already have the perfect female body, perfectly designed to your genetics, perfectly designed to fulfill your role in life...and if it's slipped a little into disrepair, you can change can make choices now, today, tomorrow and every other day to give your body and yourself everything it needs to keep on keeping on...perfectly.

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