Easy, simple and doable quick ways to lose weight.

Finding quick ways to lose weight is different than losing weight quickly.

The difference is one means making a big change that is simple to implement (although not necessarily simple to maintain and do forever), that will cause you to lose weight. The other is about getting large quantities of weight off fast.

They do sometimes go hand in hand. But really, you're aiming for something that will be quick and easy to do, and that will fit into your life. When you lose weight quickly it comes with a whole different set of maintenance issues.

Quick ways to lose weight are simple measures that pack a powerful punch.

One at a time...steady as she goes

The key with quick ways to lose weight, is that they make major changes to your eating, exercise or thinking habits. They aren't hard to implement, and they're not that hard to maintain...

When you implement one at a time, and let them cement themselves into your habits...just like the bad habits did.

With losing weight quickly, you often have to put into practice many things at the same time. A word of caution...the more changes you make together, and try to maintain, the less chance you have of keeping them as part of your life!

Habits...better habits...habits that fit

We're just not built that way. Our habits are formed by doing the same thing over and over again, day in, day out, if necessary. But they form slowly.

How many years of nagging did it take you're mother to get into your head that you have to brush your teeth twice a day? How many years have you been trying to change the habits of bad eating? How many times have you fallen back into them?

Once you have a set of habits changing them can be difficult. When you're trying to change more than one habit at once, you're asking for an even harder time. It's not impossible, but it is more difficult.

Focus on quick ways to lose weight...one change at a time

Focus on putting into practice one thing that makes a big change, and letting that become a solid part of what you do before introducing another.

Once you get to the stage where you find yourself automatically doing (or not doing) something, without having to consciously remind yourself - for example, if you find you automatically reach for a piece of fruit when you're snacky between meals, rather than raiding the pantry - celebrate it! Then pick another change to add in.

There will always be times when you just "need" that chocolate, sweet, savoury, or fatty thing that you know isn't the best choice. Don't fret, have a small piece, and decide to choose differently next time.

Maintaining something for life doesn't mean you do it 100% of the time. What it means is that you do it 95% of the time, and that you know and acknowledge that while you're making a less than optimum choice at any given moment, you can make a better choice next time, and that you haven't failed.

You're still focused on the goal, losing weight permanently, but you're also acknowledging that sometimes not having the chocolate is more pressure than you can deal with today! (That is, of course, not an excuse to eat a block...but it's o.k to enjoy a couple of squares, here and there.)

Quick ways are those which are easy and quick to do, and when you focus on one at a time, can be incorporated into your existing lifestyle without too many changes. Focus on one at a time, and you'll find you'll change your eating habits, exercise habits!

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