Take what you can from a raw food weight loss plan, without going all the way

Raw food weight loss is a practice that has been around for many years, but as with all eating regimes, it is restrictive, and unless you're already three-quarters there, difficult to maintain forever.

Following a plan like this means making at least 75% of your daily intake from raw (uncooked) foods.

As with other plans though there is usually something good about them. Making a healthy food choice means taking note of the good points of certain plans, and then picking those good bits that will work with your life.

Some of the things to take from a raw food weight loss plan

Increasing your intake of a variety of raw foods, as part of you losing weight plan is a great idea...the notion of 75% or more doesn't inspire me...but it might inspire you.

Putting more raw foods into your daily eating (while of course removing some of the processed stuff as well) is a great way to promote weight loss and health.

Raw foods (of plan origin especially) are very high in fibre, one of the many things a diet consisting of processed foods, is often severely lacking. Not only does fibre help you feel fuller, but it also keeps the digestive system working better.v

Some nutrients are destroyed through cooking and processing, so putting more of these into your diet will also mean that your body has a greater chance of getting all the nutrients it needs to repair, work efficiently and help you not only lose weight but also look better and feel better.

A raw food weight loss plan...set in reality

Adding more uncooked and unprocessed foods into your diet will help with your weight loss and with maintaining it. It will help your body function at its best and look its best, but work on it in small doses, rushing into extreme changes is often the way to fall flat on your face!

You may decide to crunch on a carrot while you're preparing dinner...but if you only like carrots cooked, then just eat them cooked, cooked carrots are better than no carrots at all.

If you currently don't eat much (or any) fruit during the day, you may work on putting two pieces of fruit into your day and taking out one processed or high calorie snack....great...keep at it.

Then you may opt for adding in a handful of nuts or seeds into your diet on a daily basis, and cutting back another processed snack.

You may like to take a look at some raw food sites on the net, or borrow a book from the library. There'll be recipes in there too that will give you new ways of preparing raw foods which may tantalise your taste buds.

That's another thing, look for uncooked foods that you like. Just because something is healthy for you won't be enough. Permanent maintainable weight loss is also about finding ways to prepare your healthy food choice so that you actually enjoy eating it...unenjoyable food is neither inspiring or maintainable.

Step, by step...if you want you can go to a full raw food weight loss plan as part of this journey. But do remember there are certain proteins and nutrients that are best from cooked foods, such as lycopene in tomatoes, and the proteins from cooked meats.

Do what you can, incorporate more raw food into your diet to promote both weight loss and health, but you don't need to try and make raw food weight loss your exclusive plan. Do what fits in with you slowly and steadily and your body will thank you, and you'll thank yourself.

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