Simple dessert recipes, saving you from the late night feeding frenzy.

Do you love dessert? Me too! Simple dessert recipes have saved me from eating like a horse in the evenings. And you know what, it's okay...healthy weight loss is not about deprivation, it's about making healthy food choices and differentiating between foods that are great for you as everyday foods, and those that are occasional foods

Working late, being up late with the kids, just watching TV with my partner, I'm rarely in bed before 11.30, but we eat dinner between 5.30 and 6.30 most 9.00 I'm ravenous...I need food.

Simple dessert recipes cure the late night feeding frenzy.

I know there's a lot of weight loss programs that say you shouldn't eat after 7.00, and it makes sense. At that time of night you're not doing a lot of moving, so all that food is not being used. But for me, most nights, if I don't eat dessert, I'm so hungry by 9.30 and I know I'm nowhere near bed, that I'm at the cupboard rummaging for anything...preferable fat laden and sugary.

What was it the fairy godmother said in Shrek? Something about "deep fried and smothered in chocolate"??? Yep, that's me if I try to not eat dessert when I get peckish at night.

You'll have noticed that as you lose the weight and maintain the loss that you get more in touch with your hunger sensation. Sometimes if I just stop and ask myself if I'm actually hungry for dessert I find, not really. It's good to check, it's easy to make snacks and meals more habit than necessity, but if I feel a little peckish...then out comes the dessert.

Dessert is okay...treat it as a snack.

Dessert, like any other snack or meal for the day, should come from the group of foods that you eat on an everyday basis, the healthy weight loss and life food group. Again, as with all snacks as unprocessed and whole as possible...dessert isn't a 'treat food', those foods you eat occasionally, it comes from the same group of foods that sustain you.

Simple dessert recipes don't have to be high in fat, or prepacked, or loaded with sugar.

My favorite simple dessert recipes that fit in with healthy weight loss.

* A Mango smoothie with low fat milk - blend a mango and add low fat milk. If you like your smoothies like thick shakes, just add half a cup of milk. Thick, creamy and delicious. Add some honey if you like. If you like your smoothie like a milk shake...simple add more milk.

* Raspberries, blueberries and strawberries with a scoop of low fat ice cream. Just because the ice cream is low fat doesn't mean you can have more. It's high in sugar...and if you eat as much or more than you would of normal ice cream, you're defeating the purpose...too many calories.

* A simple desert recipe when you're looking for something warm...drizzle a banana with a little maple syrup, golden syrup or honey and cook in the microwave for a couple of minutes...warm and sweet (just watch how much of the sweet stuff you're putting on...a little is's not a food group in it's own right!).

* Frozen grapes...I love these on warm summer nights...just put grapes individually into ice cube trays...crunchy, cold and delicious. You can do the same with orange segments...or have some of both, or frozen bananas.

The options for simple dessert recipes are endless. If you like your desserts, join the club! Healthy weight loss isn't about deprivation. Pick your desserts from your everyday foods, leave the biscuits and the high energy lower nutrient foods on the shelf for occasional eating...and enjoy! Eating dessert and losing weight...who'd have guessed!

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