Building teen workouts into everyday life.

The principles of teen workouts are the same as for adults, so is a teenage diet plan. Contrary to popular belief, teenagers don't have it easy, at least from their point of view, and many of them are trying to cram as much into their lives as the rest of us.

And as with the rest of us they are living more sedentary lives, eating more energy dense foods and putting on weight. And as with the rest of us, the best way to lose weight is to get them moving more, eating less, and making different choices.

Getting teenagers moving..

As with all of us, it's about moving. Some teenagers are already 'working out'. They don't have to, they do however need to move more.

Once upon a time teenagers caught up with friends at each others homes, part of teen workouts was in the getting there, they walked. Nowadays, technology, mobile phones, instant messaging and social networking on the net, cameras in their computers, they can see and talk to there friends without moving a muscle.

Encourage the teenagers in your house to have friends over, to go to others houses.

Get them helping out more around the house and in the garden. It's all movement. And not only is it good for their health, it's also good for them to have some responsibility for maintaining the family home...they live there, they're part of the's okay to tell them they need to pitch in.

Teen workouts...anything they like.

They don't like the gym, don't make them go. Encourage them to try different sports, give a voucher for a one-off lesson for them and a friend to try something...dancing, basketball, tennis. Don't expect them to want to go alone, let them take someone with them.

Even if they only go to the trial...they'll have spent that amount of time moving!!

Tell them you need their help shopping, take them to the supermarket. Yes, they'll grumble and groan, but walking around, seeing what you buy, having them push the trolley, and help carry the bags is all movement, and more than that you get time to chat, about food about why you buy and do certain things, and just catch up with them and what they're doing.

This, of course, means that modeling healthy choices is important too. Helping them with a healthy teenage diet plan is helping you too. If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you.

Guess what, physical activity helps them at school...and to be nicer people!

Encouraging them to move more, whether it be with teen workouts at the gym, (some gym's now do classes especially for this group), or at home, or going out and getting some fresh air and a walk with their friends, helping with the housework, participating in a team sport, doing an exercise class, getting them moving helps them concentrate at school.

Physical activity helps with concentration, as does the food we eat. Foods that a lot of additives and preservatives can have a detrimental affect on how we think, and how we feel. Lack of movement makes us sluggish, and our bodies aren't able to move the nutrients our bodies and brains need, around as efficiently and effectively as they could.

The point is more physical activity will not only help them control their weight, but it will also have positive affects on how they feel about themselves, how they behave and how they interact with others...including their parents, and how they do at school.

Just as with adults, short bursts of activity will do, get them to give you 10 minutes here and there, and set them a task, something physical to do.

Don't however make a big deal about why you're doing it, things like that tend to make them embarrassed...actually, it would still embarrass and anger me if someone said, 'Now. come on, it's for your own good, it'll help you lose wight (or keep fit, or look better).'...Guaranteed to make me cringe, and feel bad about myself.

Instead just ask (or order if you have to) them to do it, because the job needs doing, because you want their help. Take the opportunity to address their concerns about themselves and how they look, when they give you an opportunity and the timing's right...otherwise, help them, without even knowing they're being helped.

Oh...and for all the teenagers reading this, you don't have to wait for your parents to tell you...think about moving more, think about sports you'd like to try, activities you're interested in, design teen workouts that suit you, and ask some of your friends if they'd like to join you. You have a say too (maybe check with your parents about this first...)

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