Your top ten reasons to exercise...what are they?

Your top ten reasons to exercise are not the same as the 'facts' about the 'benefits of exercise'. They aren't the information we see and hear everyday. Reasons are something different. The reasons why you exercise will be different from why I exercise or the person next to you.

The facts can be boiled down to one sentence: exercise is good for you, good for your body, good for your mind, great for extending your life, giving you a better outlook on life, and for losing weight. You can then take this sentence and separate it into individual benefits and advantages, some of these are covered elsewhere on this site.

The top ten reasons to exercise - the individual perspective

The emphasis for this website on losing weight is life, your life, your reality, it's about each of us being an individual, each of us having to find what works for us.

Reasons are personal. My top ten reasons to exercise and for losing weight and moving more will be different than yours. Reasons are what drives you personally. No two people will have exactly the same reasons for doing something, and no two people will word their reasons exactly the same way.

Some of these reasons may be based on 'facts' and 'information', but the information won't motivate or drive you to do something.

For example, there is enough solid and uncontradictory studies, research, facts and information to support the notion that doing exercise, and moving more, everyday, burns fat. No question. But this isn't a top ten reason to exercise, this is a fact of what exercise will do for your body.

A 'reason' may be that exercising will help you get into those smaller size jeans. For someone else, they might exercise because they see muscle definition, instead of flab. for someone else it could be that exercise will help reduce the size of their bottom...see the difference?

Some or all of these may be in your top ten reasons to exercise, but whereas the facts are objective information, reasons are subjective, they're unique to you, they're about you, and they're for you.

If facts and information were driving forces, then obesity wouldn't be an issue, everyone would be eating healthily and weight loss programs would be a thing of the past.

Facts don't drive action, reasons drive action! You need to find your reasons to exercise.

Top ten reasons to exercise - finding your reasons

Sit down with a piece of paper, or a blank document on your computer, and think about what exercise will, or does, do for you. Some of these will be based on solid facts, some will be things that can't necessarily be proven, but which, for whatever reason, you notice when you exercise.

Write as many 'reasons' as you can, don't think, just keep writing, don't aim for ten, aim for twenty, or thirty. You'll probably find that the ones you come up with later on the list, are actually the ones that are closest to your heart, that ring truer for you.

Make no judgements about them. It doesn't matter whether they're provable or not, it doesn't matter whether someone else thinks they're're not doing this for others, you're doing it for you. No one else needs to read it. Just tap into what drives you.

When you've finished, put them away for a day or two. You'll probably think about that piece of paper quite often, but leave it in the drawer. After a couple of days, get it out and read through it. Add any more that spring to mind, then read them through. Which of these matter to you. Which of these really strike a chord with you. These are your reasons.

It's how they make you feel that matters. Your reasons will make you feel something. Facts and information won't. Sometimes the way someone puts something rings a bell in your head, and you go...oh yes, now I get it!

You can do this for yourself, that is, find what it is that rings bells for you. In this list, you'll find the real reasons why, and how, to put active living and exercise as part of your life.

Top ten reasons to exercise - do you have some of these?

Here are some of my top ten reasons to exercise. While in some of these you'll see evidence of the 'facts' and information of the benefits of exercise, you'll also notice that they're selfishly based in what exercise and being active, does for me, rather than the objective 'good for me'.

These are in no particular order, so while they all rate highly, there isn't one that stands out, except stops me getting fat again...yes, that's probably number one, but most of my reasons are much more subjective and specific than that.

* reason to that I actually have the energy to get through a day of living my life, without falling on the couch at 2 o'clock and falling asleep for 2 hours!

* so that when I put on my pants, there's not more flesh pushed out over the top, than is constrained in the material!

* so that I don't ever again, have to try and convince myself that I'm happy being overweight!

* so that into my 40's, 50's....80's I will still have the energy and the mobility to all the things that are on my list to do.

* so that I never again have to wear long pants in the summer sun, because the tops of my thighs rub together and chafe.

* so that when one of my kids thinks they can avoid the consequences of their actions by running away from me...I'm still fit enough and fast enough to catch them!

* so that I don't break out in a sweat after walking up 6 stairs (stairs, not flights of stairs) and feel the makeup roll down my face as I puff and pant my way along.

* so that I continue to walk tall, proud of myself, and happy with the choices I'm making

* so that I feel better...even when I'm feeling lethargic and slow...I like the feeling of invigoration and focus after a 10 minute walk, or speed clean, or just a jump around.

* so that I feel as good and well as I can, as often as possible...I like to feel good...I like to be positive...moving and activity gives me this.

* so that my kids have a good role model for health (this one is interesting, as a teacher I can tell you that kids learn less about things when they hear information and facts, than if they interact and do...Telling them why they should exercise is no where near as effective as showing them what exercise does for me...and them)

* so that I have arms that have a little muscle definition, rather than a flab-fest

There's more here than my top ten reasons to exercise...but they are all important to me. They are my reasons for doing what I do, I know the facts, I've read the information, but a statement like "exercise increases your energy", just isn't personal enough for me...while having the energy to get through the chaos that sometimes invades my, that's a reason!

Facts and information won't 'sell' you on exercise, or losing weight for that matter, you need to find your own top ten reasons to exercise, that's what will sell you on moving more, being active, and losing weight.

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