The top weight loss plans may hold some of the secrets to your success!

The top weight loss plans are those that are not fad diets, are based on healthy eating and nutritional guidelines and which incorporate moving (read here exercise) as part of the program.

Most of us have tried at least some of these - Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, delivered meal programs - to lose weight permanently. Some of you have found them successful for life...which means you're only reading this website because you're seeing what else is going on in the losing weight world! (Checking out the competition maybe????)

Seriously though, the healthiest and best of the top weight loss plans have also been around a while, which shows that they are successful...for some people.

There are a lot of people I've met, who've had weight issues over their life, that agree that while they found these healthy eating programs good, they still were unable to maintain the program, or the weight loss, long term.

If the program is a healthy one, focusing on the nutritional needs of your body, exercise and reducing the amounts of things we don't need so much of, such as fats, sugars, preservatives, chemicals, smog, carbon dioxide, rubbish...oops sorry, a little off track there...then the program is probably not the problem (neither are you the problem), the problem is in the fit between the program and your life.

Top weight loss plans - take what works for you.

If you've tried some of these programs, what aspects did you find you could maintain? It might be something as simple as finding some low fat snack alternatives that you're still eating today.

It may be that even though you don't get to weekly weigh-ins with a group, that you find yourself sticking to a routine weigh-in (or measure up) at home.

You may find that the tools and calculators they gave you, to work out the amount of fat that should be in your diet, or how many calories (kilojoules) there were in a gram of fat, or a gram of carbohydrates, have stuck with you and that you still use them - maybe not all the time, but when you remember.

These are good things, if you're lucky you'll find a program for weight loss amongst these top weight loss plans that suits you to a 'T' and that answers all your prayers, but if you don't, keep the things that work for you and keep using them to your advantage.

Top weight loss plans - use them to find what works for you

Have a look at as many of the healthy eating, non fad diets, weight loss programs that are out there. Check them out on the internet, borrow their books from the library, and go through them for tools, tips and things that you can incorporate into a permanent weight loss plan for you.

Don't be afraid to borrow from many of these programs, remember that your aim is losing weight and keeping it off in ways that fit with you. Use these resources to help you do that.

Keep a list of the interesting facts, tools, tips recipes and information that you think you might be able to use for life, and then test them out. Keep those that work, and ditch those that don't and look for other tips that might work in other plans.

For me, Weight Watchers introduced me (many years ago) to the notion of monitoring my measurements, rather than just my weight. When I started this last journey, I dropped monitoring my weight, I only do it about three times a year, but I kept the notion of measuring various parts of my body. Weighing in on the scales weekly depressed me. My weight would fluctuate quite dramatically.

Measuring myself on the other hand works great for me. This way even when I got to the stage where I was gaining muscle (which weighs more than fat), instead of seeing the scales stop moving, I'd still see my measurements improve.

Why? Because although muscle weighs more than weigh the same it takes up less space! I was getting thinner, even though I wasn't weighing less.

If I hadn't been to a couple of Weight Watchers meetings (many years ago) I would have stuck to weighing, and probably never made the connection with measuring instead. That one little thing, said by one lady running the meeting, has given me a great tool for losing and maintaining my weight.

There are some short 10-minute exercise sessions that I took from some program (I don't remember which one), many years ago, that stayed in my mind and which I've started using again.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel, and start from scratch, you can pick bits and pieces from a lot of different places and build them into your own success story.

Top weight loss plans - there's no one perfect plan

If there was one perfect plan that fitted everyone, obesity would be a thing of the past, we'd all look our very best, be so healthy we'd live to 130 and every other losing weight program would disappear from the face of the earth!

There isn't a silver bullet, a magic one-size-fits-all program!

That doesn't mean there aren't good's just that we are all different, we all have different lives and situations, we all work in different ways.

So, use what you can from these programs. Remember, forget fad diets, there are so many nutritionally sound, healthy programs out there and each of them puts there information forward in different ways, and they all have slightly different ideas, and emphasis.

Written one way, a bit of information may go in one ear and out the other, but from another perspective it might strike a chord with you. So, look at what's out there, and pick up as many ideas as you can, whittle out what doesn't fit you and keep what does.

Trawl the internet, fossick through the library, grab some magazines (off friends, doctors' waiting rooms even) and find the things that work for you.

The top weight loss plans can give you strategies so that the weight will go away and stay away

Focus on the healthy eating, the nutritionally sound programs, leave the fad diets alone, and use these programs to grab all the information, strategies and tips to get you where you want to be...thinner, healthier and happier!

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