What is an ultimate weight loss plan? How do I choose?

What should you be looking for in an ultimate weight loss plan?

Look for the following things, all common, to long term successful weight loss programs:

1. Is it about eating well, but doesn’t deny you anything?

To lose the weight, look great and keep those results your ultimate weight loss plan is not going to be ‘on a diet’ then ‘off the diet’. When you go off it, the weight will come back on.

A healthy eating plan doesn’t stop you eating foods, instead you’ll learn how much and how often to eat all types of foods.

Eating well is also the only easy weight loss program that’s good for the whole family, that everyone does, and everyone benefits from.

2. Will you learn ‘how’ and ‘why’ to do it, not just ‘what’ to do?

Some programs for losing weight will give you ‘what’ to do.

Eat this for breakfast, then this for lunch, then this for dinner. That’s good, but unless the program shows you ‘how’ to do this for yourself, as well, it won’t have lasting results.

The ‘how’ means you can practice and adapt it for yourself. You will learn how to make the right decisions and to keep getting the best results.

3. Does it suit your lifestyle? This is a biggie.

To work out if a program or plan can be part of your ultimate weight loss plan you need to consider your lifestyle.

Attending meetings for weigh-ins and support is great, if you have the time to do that.

If you don’t, and support is something that you know will help you achieve your goals, then consider alternatives, like online support at times that’s convenient to you.

4. What if you can’t find the ultimate weight loss plan?

Then mix-and-match ones that together make up an easy weight loss program that works for you.

Something like the Healthy Eating Handbook is great for eating well with a family when you have little time because it shows you the what and how.

To make learning portion sizes easier, you can use the Precise Portions system as well, again another system that’s good for the family.

Then you may decide that you really need some simple recipes for very fast food that’s healthy and nutritious but doesn’t take longer than 20 or 30 minutes, there are some great books for this too.

Use what works for you, ask the questions:

  • Is it healthy and good for the family long term?
  • Will it show me ‘how’ to do it for myself?
  • Does it, or at least part of it, suit my lifestyle?
  • What other easy weight loss program, or plan, or guide can help fill in the gaps?

Keep practicing, try different things, keep what works, and try something else where it doesn’t.

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