Use these steps to generate a weekly diet meal plan for great, healthy, weight loss, results

An easy and effective way to start losing weight is to use a weekly diet meal plan that shows what you're eating now and what changes you can make to those existing choices to make them healthier and less calorie loaded.

Then, you can add into the side some quick weight loss tips to remind you of things such as how you're going to move more.

A weekly diet meal plan gets you paying attention.

It's easy to forget to pay attention to what you're doing, what you're eating and when how much you're not moving.

Writing down what you're doing now, and then writing down some changes you can start making immediately, gives you both a way of tracking what you're doing, a reminder sheet, or journal if you like.

It also lets you see how small changes can have big effects on how fast and healthily you lose weight, and on what things fir into your life better than others.

Your weekly diet meal plan...the first step.

You can use an exercise book, or just a piece of paper for this.

On the left hand side, write down everything you've eaten yesterday. Don't lie or leave anything out. This is for you, and honesty is necessary if you want to make long term changes. Don't worry too much about how much it weighed, just use approximates...for example, a piece of steak the size of my whole hand, or, two handfuls of nuts.

Try and include oils you cooked, sauces you much as you can remember

Include in here everything you drank as well. There are many hidden calories in drinks, once you've written it all down, move onto step two.

Now the second step...your new weekly diet meal plan.

On the right hand side of the paper, write down how you can make changes to those meals and snacks to reduce the amount of energy you've been eating, and increase the number of nutrients you're getting.

A quick note here: I used to do this quite often, on one occasion, when my weight loss had slowed down, I wrote up my weekly diet meal plan, to see where it was that I might have fallen off the rails a bit. Writing it down made it glaringly obvious.

I wasn't eating enough. Somehow I had dropped down to eating less than my 3 year old. I don't know how, I don't know when, but I'd shrunk my serving portions way to far, had cut back too much on the fat, and generally just wasn't eating enough. There were heaps of fruit and vegetables...and while that's great, the energy foods were sorely lacking.

No wonder I was feeling tired, and no wonder my weight loss had dropped off! My body was trying to hold onto everything it had in store...because the simple fact is, your body is not programmed to starve itself. So if you don't put enough in, it will do whatever it needs too, to make sure you stay alive...feed it more, and it will stop acting that way, and release more of those fat stores.

Now back to your new weekly diet plan. For example, if breakfast is a bowl of high sugar cereal with full fat milk, you might write in the right-hand column: 'low-fat milk, 30% less cereal and one piece of fruit'.(to work though, you actually have to do it. Change takes action, not just good intentions).

The idea is to make doable changes to what you're already eating. To change your habits slowly.

Make as many changes as you think you can handles, don't try and go too fast, otherwise you won't maintain it.

Thirdly, use this as a template for your coming weekly diet plan.

Now, from those changes map out, plan, write down, a food plan for the coming week.

If you have set foods you tend to eat on each day, start with changes to these. If you eat pasta every Thursday night, then on Thursday's plan, you might write: 'eat a piece of fruit while cooking dinner, have 25% (that's a quarter) less pasta, and a little less topping'.

Use these daily food plans for the next week. Don't worry if you don't do everything on them...who knows what life will bring. At the end of each day, tick off the changes you acted upon, and go over the changes for the next day.

Fourthly...use your weekly diet meal plan to note actions for moving too.

On the side, in different color pen, jot down what actions you're going to take to increase amount you move. These are quick weight loss tips that will speed you on your way.

For example: Monday might have a side note that says...'walk up and down the stairs all day at work today.' Or, Wednesday might have...'meet So-and-so at the shops for coffee, go early and park further away'.

Your jotted quick weight loss tips could ball with the kids for 5 minutes Monday...practice air guitar to two of my favorite songs (when no-one else is looking)...try and add in something that's fun...something that you'll enjoy, just by doing it, just get out there and give yourself some fun, some play. Something that will make you smile!!

Then when the week is up, do the same thing from step one again. Save all your weekly diet meal four weeks go back and look at the first one you did, showing what you were eating to start with, then compare it to what you ate'll be pleasantly surprised at the changes you've made.

Then, praise yourself for all the things you did do, and move onto another week of planning.

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