The NOW factor and weight loss for teenage girls

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Weight loss for teenage girls can be a very dangerous subject. My daughter is nine, I see girls not much older than her restricting what they eat, looking ill and feeling worse.

Yet, at the same time, there's another danger…many of our children are also overweight and obese…and their lives are being shortened by overeating.

How do you balance these two? How do you deal with weight loss for teenage girls ?…You focus on the advantages of a healthy diet for teens, how it can help them feel good and look good, and you model that behaviour yourself.

A healthy diet for teens, a healthy attitude.

I have stood in classrooms with both girls who are starving themselves, and those that are eating themselves to death, and they have one thing in common…they are both deeply unhappy.

Often, when discussing dieting with teenage girls, the focus is on the 'dangers', and the benefits of eating healthy…the problem is that the benefits we're talking about are not those that are of any interest to teenage girls!!

We talk about the benefits to our heart, and our long-term health…but these are teenage girls, twenty years from now doesn't help them navigate the now!

How does a healthy diet for teens and exercise for teenagers benefit them now…right this minute?

When I discuss weight loss for teenage girls, I remember what it was like to be a teenager, and I remember the things that bothered me, and that (drama queen I was) thought I'd never get through.

Then we discuss how a healthy diet for teens help them cope with the many things that they are dealing with now…and these are the benefits I talk to them about.

And while not all the issues, or benefits, will apply to every girl, there is usually one or two that strikes a chord. You see it in their eyes when you mention it…and you know you've struck a chord with that particular girl. If you can then show them, tell them and help them understand how a healthy attitude to food, and good habits will help them overcome this, starting right now - not in twenty years - then you may just help one girl.

My daughter, your daughter, our daughters - we can help!

My daughter, your daughter, our daughters - we can help!I talk about healthy diet with my daughter, I focus on how it helps her.

If she's bit tired I ask her if she's drank some water lately, because without enough water we can feel a little tired and lethargic, maybe if she has a drink it'll help (I also know that drinking is one of the things that she often forgets…she's our family camel!)

IF she's a little slow getting started in the morning, I'll ask her if she's had breakfast yet, and what has she had, and remind her gently that she might want to have something else, a glass of milk, or some Weetbix, or even an apple, because her body may not have had enough food yet to get going, and once she gets to school her and the girls are going to want to go to the playground, or play chasey, and if she feeds her body a bit more she'll have the energy to play.

It's all about how it will help her now! These things are important for twenty years from now, and for ten years from now…but that doesn't interest her at all…what interests her is playing with her friends and feeling good.

My daughter, and all our daughters, especially as teenagers, feel a lot of pressure, if we can focus on what's important to them, on how weight loss for teenage girls can be handled in healthy ways, and how a healthy diet for teens and exercise for teenagers can help them feel and look good now, and if we role model the healthy happy eating and exercise habits, then we may put our daughters in a much happier and healthier place.

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