When you start to falter, use some weight loss motivation tips to keep moving forward...

Having a few weight loss motivation tips when you're starting a losing weight program, or half way through it, can keep you going, and energize that dieting motivation.

Even after you've lost the weight, making a choice to maintain a healthy weight can require a little inspiration sometimes too.

Weight loss motivation tips for getting started

  • Use your imagination! Close your eyes and imagine how yourself leaner and healthier, focus on that image, how are you standing, what's the expression on your face, what are you wearing? Then write this all down. Whenever you start to wonder if it's all worth it...conjure up that image, read what you've written...and the way you feel - that's what your goal is!
  • Read other people's stories - others stories can help you remember that you're not alone, there's a lot of other people who have been through, and are going through the same things you are. It only takes small changes to have big results...look at all the people who have succeeded, you can too.

You've lost some weight, but having trouble staying on track.

This is where I came undone so often. It all got too hard, I couldn't do everything the programs needed me to do, not at the same time anyway. Here are some weight loss motivation tips that I used (and still draw on when I need to):

  • Acknowledging how far you've come - track your progress. I'd take my measurements every two weeks, but I would also write a quick sentence about what I was doing - 'reduce the fats I add to foods', 'put a third less meat and rice on my plate.' Just short little sentences, that way even if my dieting motivation lapsed for a couple of weeks, and I slipped into bad habits, I could look back at not only my measurements, but also at what I'd been doing. And pick up there again.
  • Getting overwhelmed - when you're a long way from your goal you can get overwhelmed, that's where you need to remind yourself of small steps. Each time you leave 10 french fries on your plate, you help your weight loss and your health. Go back to focusing on the small things. Focus on just the next choice...I might as well go for a walk while I'm feeling feeling bad...Small steps, one action at a time.
  • Close your eyes, and bring up that picture in your head of yourself leaner and healthier...remind yourself how that feels...then focus on just the next decision.
  • In your diary or in a scrapbook keep articles, tips, photos that motivate and inspire you, go back to them as often as you need to. These are great reminders.
  • Go for lunch with someone that you can tell and who will make you feel good about how far you've come...you don't have to do it alone, use support and your friends whenever you need to.

Losing weight is a process and when you get to maintain a healthy weight, it's still a process. As you get further down the road, you do get to relax a little, because you've built new habits into your life, and you now make different, healthier choices.

And sometimes you'll relax a little too much. Or, you'll feel a little complacent and you're weight may go up a bit. That's okay. Go back to your progress sheets. Remind yourself how far you've come, remind yourself why you want to keep going, and then focus on the next choice, on paying a little more attention for a while.

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