Your ultimate goal is the answer to why is exercise important

Why is exercise important and does it help with losing weight? If you want a strictly scientific view of why should people exercise, you'll be sadly disappointed if you're looking for a general consensus.

As with much research you can find a scientific viewpoint to support both sides of any argument. If you don't like exercise, and want an excuse to not do it, you can find research that suggests that exercise is of little assistance to losing weight and maintaining that loss. If you believe that exercise is beneficial, you can also find research to support that view.

So if the research doesn't agree, why should people exercise? Are there any benefits to exercise? And why is exercise important then?

Let's start by going back to what you want. Most people don't want to lose weight just to be thinner. For many of us losing weight is a means to a far greater goal.

That greater goal will have something to do with improving the way we look, improving the way we feel, improving our life.

I don't know one person I've spoken to that doesn't see losing weight as a means of achieving life improvement.

That's not to say that losing weight is the answer to achieving this. But we do see losing weight as a positive step that will help us towards this goal, not the only step, but an important one in improving our bodies and our lives.

Why is exercise important in achieving this goal?

Our bodies are designed to move. We are built with joints and muscles, ligaments, all the parts of our body are designed for motion.

The way to keep something in shape that's designed for motion, is to move it! There's an old saying that "if you don't move it, you'll lose it". It's as true for our bodies as it is for anything else that is built and designed to be active.

A bike with cogs and moving parts is designed to move, leave it sitting for long enough, and you're going to have to do some maintenance on it before it'll ride well. Our bodies work better when they're active for the same reason, that's what they were designed for, whether you enjoy it or not!

We need to work our bodies to help them operate at their best.

If you're looking to feel better, look better, live longer, and stand taller (another great way to appear thinner), then you need to move your body. Why is exercise keep you moving!

Personally, I've noticed is that if I take more than two weeks off exercise, I don't move as well, I can't stretch as far, I feel less energetic, and my body starts to ache and moan at me. Just like my bike creaks and moans if it's been sitting around too long.

So exercising makes me feel better, because my body moves with more ease, even if I haven't lost a single pound.

Because my body feels better, I don't get distracted by feeling stiff, or lethargic.

I'm then able to make better decisions, to focus on other things, such as healthier food choices.

Because I'm putting better food into my body, I feel more energetic, because I have more energy I feel like moving more. Because I'm moving more and taking better care of myself I feel mentally stronger, personally more confident, and I know I look better because of that, and the cycle continues.

Why is exercise important? Because it's part of an intertwined and interconnected system of actions to get you to your goal, and that goal is more than just losing weight.

Back to research, why should people exercise?

There is research that suggests that exercise plays a minimal role in weight loss, but research changes all the time, and we've already covered the fact that it's more than just weight loss that you're looking for.

It is not about the research, it is about you, and what you want. If in doubt, give it a try.

The jury may be out on whether exercise plays a large or small role in losing weight, but leading an active lifestyle, being as fit as you can, and exercising every day, has been shown both through research, and anecdotal evidence, to be beneficial to the way we feel, the way we look, and how we approach and feel about our lives. Oh yes, it also helps us live longer and fuller lives.

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