Why is nutrition important? Because you then abandon deprivation.

Why is nutrition important? Because it is the building block of looking good, feeling great and being healthy, and because it turns the current notion that we need to deprive ourselves of foods to lose weight, on it's head!

Why is nutrition important for looking good?

You know that my prime motivator for losing weight was, and still is, looking good. When I look good, I feel good, when I feel good, I know I can do anything, when I know I can do anything I know I'll get through all the stuff that life dishes out. So, over time, looking good has become important to me (shallow as it sounds...I'm o.k with knowing it's shallow as long as it works).

Eat a nutritionally balanced diet doesn't only make me look good because I weigh less, but it truly makes a difference to how my skin looks and feels.

I could lose weight without worrying about the nutritional aspect, we all can, I bet a far portion of us already have (guilty). But why is nutrition important, because eventually our bodies don't cope well with the constant abuse.

It's a fact of life that nothing works well for very long if it's not treated well, if we don't give it what it needs. Our bodies are exactly the same. Not only our bodies, but our mental outlook and our ability to do things is directly affected by the fuel we give our bodies.

We might put the fuel on the inside, the results are visible on the outside!

Why is nutrition important for losing weight?

Bodies that are given everything they need will work at their most efficient. They'll process the foods put in faster and better. They'll give us the energy we need to move more, they'll protect us from illness, and they'll clear all the fat and stuff that is clogging up our arteries so that we can effectively burn those stores of fatty tissues that are weighing us down.

Not only important for what it does for us, physically, nutrition is important in terms of removing the notion that foods fall into bad or good categories.

We have for years been told to focus on removing the 'bad' things from our diets, and putting in more 'good' things. But nutritionally, foods aren't bad or good - they just have different nutrients, and we need thee nutrients in different quantities.

Fruit and vegetables tend to contain a lot of nutrients that either our body can't store, but needs daily, so we need to eat them every day so that we keep these nutrients up...vitamin C; or nutrients that our body needs quite a lot of...calcium for one.

Other foods have nutrients that our body needs, like fats, but our body can store these...so we don't need to eat foods that contain them as often, or in such large quantities.

It's understanding this that leads us to understand why is nutrition important, to our diets and means that there is no need to deprive ourselves of anything, even chocolate has good points (thank goodness for that!), in fact all foods have some redeeming features. It's the quantity, the amount and the processing that will determine whether we turn redeeming features into drawbacks...it's all in the way we use (and abuse) them.

Why is nutrition important for a life long healthy weight?

Calories are a very small part of the whole nutrition concept. Yet, over the years we have been programmed to concentrate on a number to dictate keeping weight off for life.

Yes - if we consume too much total energy we will put on weight. Energy is measured in calories or kilojoules. But not all calories or kilojoules are created equal! They're not created equal nutritionally.

When you put too much store in the overall energy content...you'll miss out on nutrients, you won't look good, feel good, or keep the weight off. You'll deprive yourself of things that you like, which have valuable antioxidants and vitamins...and there are not many people who can practice self imposed deprivation forever.

One of our biggest problems is that we have this attitude to food like it won't be there tomorrow. Now, in the great depression, when everyone was on rations, and food was short, it doesn't surprise me that when the depression ended, that people ate like they'd never had food before! They had been deprived for years, but how did we ever develop this attitude?

Food is not in short supply...we don't need to eat four blocks of chocolate...it will still be there tomorrow. We can just eat one square, tomorrow we can have another one. We don't live in a time of deprivation...in fact, we live in time of such abundance that we have too much!

I'll leave you with this thought...why eat four scoops of icecream (because you can fit four in, and you're hungry) one day, and then beat yourself up over the calorie intake...when you could eat 3 pieces of fruit and then one scoop of icecream...every day for four days...and not feel guilty at all?

And don't worry about the icecream running out...you can always buy more. In fact you could eat 3 pieces of fruit and then one scoop of icecream every day for breakfast for the rest of your life.....Icecream is high in sugar, but it also contains calcium (icecream, not ice confection). One scoop, once a day, every day for the rest of your life......at breakfast, or lunch, or dinner? In fact if I was to say you had to eat one scoop of icecream every day for the rest of your life, no ifs-buts-or-maybe's...you have to do it...I wonder if you could maintain it forever?

I'd say that you might be able to do it for a few years...but at some point, knowing you had to would take all the fun out of it.

Just as, in the same way, thinking you can't ever have it again makes you want it even more...Think hard about it? Is part of why you eat so much of it because you see the only other option as having none?

Why is nutrition important?

Because nutrition removes the notion of deprivation and actually encourages us to have a lot of some things, less of others, but it gives us permission to have a little bit of everything, in moderation, everyday, and this is maintainable for life!

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