Why is physical fitness important? Let me show you...

Why is physical fitness important? Check out this picture...it's worth a million words!

This photo tells it all. The benefits of physical fitness are the same as the benefits of a healthy diet and losing weight...and it's all in this picture.

Losing weight isn't just about being thinner...it's about smiling more, just like in the photo. It's about having energy, feeling good, feeling like you can take on the world...and win. Just like the woman in the photo. It's about looking good, even in a pair of patterned leggings!

Why is physical fitness important? Check out this picture.

The benefits of physical fitness, healthy eating and carrying less weight are all over this photo too.

You want to be able to do this too. Maybe not with kids, you mightn't have any, or want any, but you want the energy to ride or run along the beach with someone you care about...and to enjoy it!

Building your fitness levels gives you the ability to sustain activity. It also boosts your metabolism. The fitter you are the faster your metabolism works. Burning more fuel, getting rid of what you don't need, repairing your body, all of this is related to physical fitness...and all of this is related to losing weight.

But it's much more than that, fitness levels affect the way you feel. When you're fit you have the energy to cope with the day-to-day situations of life. Because you feel like you can! You mightn't go through them with a smile...but you will get through them.

Having the energy and zeal to do this is one of the benefits of physical fitness. You don't have to be fit enough to run a marathon, or do 400 metre sprints in the Olympics...but if you want to enjoy the company of others actively, then you need a level of physical fitness.

Getting fit, or increasing your fitness levels, helps you lose weight, and then maintain it once you get there. It is an integral part to achieving all the things you hope weight loss will bring you. More energy, a better body, healthiness and happiness!

Why is physical fitness important? These pictures also tell it all.

I want to look like this woman as I age. Smiling, happy, still doing things I love, and having the energy to do them, regardless of my age.

The benefits of physical fitness, of starting now, no matter how old you are, or what your gender is, is written all over these photos.

The ability to play with your grandchildren, of course, you have the choice not to, but if you're not fit, you limit what you can do, all for the sake of getting your body moving more.

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