Halting the cycle of women gaining weight after weight loss...

Women gaining weight after losing it is a much bigger issue then losing it in the first place.

Weight gain stories abound, and each time I read them I am reminded of how it felt each time it would happen to me. I'd be happy and thrilled that I'd lost the weight, and then from somewhere it would start creeping on, and it seemed that before I knew it...it was back, often with some extra pounds as friends.

And each time that cycle would repeat, I'd find it harder to get motivated, but it's a testament to how much we all want to look and feel better that we do try again, and we do hope we'll keep it off this time...and we will eventually succeed.

Weight gain stories...what makes it happen?

You are not going to wake up one morning and have put on thirty pounds, even if it seems that way.

If you do wake up and think "my God, where did those 30 come from?", then I've learnt it means that you haven't been paying attention!

It means that you haven't been monitoring and watching your body (from the corner of your eye, just like you keep an eye on whether there's enough toilet paper in the bathroom. When was the last time you ran out of toilet paper?)

You've stopped paying attention to how your body's feeling and how your clothes fit. You didn't take note that little by little, those jeans got a little tight, or that shirt didn't fit as well.

How do you combat it? You take note of where you are, and start making small changes again, you get back to paying attention to what you're eating and to how much you're moving.

So, start monitoring again,have a good honest look at what you're feeling, at what you're doing...why did you stop paying attention? And more importantly, what habits have encroached into your life again that have you becoming one of those women gaining weight stories?

Losing weight and keeping it off means always paying a little attention. To start with it's a bit compulsive, but over time it eases up, because you don't need to be that vigilant, but regularly you need to check on on yourself.

To prevent us women gaining weight after we've got rid of it, we have to pay ourselves a little attention, here and there.

We pay attention to whether we have enough stamps, whether we need to go shopping because we're running out of food, whether our legs need waxing or shaving...yet, there is a perception that you lose weight and never have to pay attention again...

Not so...pay a little attention to yourself here and there, a sideways glance occasionally, the odd check on how the clothes fit, sometimes stop to really look to what you're eating in a day, and you will keep it off.

It's not hard, no harder than remembering to wax you legs (speaking of which...where's the razor?), it's just a little attention every once in a while, a little here and a little there.

There is one thing to take away from this though...

The single biggest reason behind women gaining weight again...and getting past it

The biggest thing is the mental code built into the diet syndrome - did you diet to lose weight and then go back to eating what you ate before you started.?

Have you gone on a diet, and then come off a diet?

I can only begin to do a count of how many times that has happened to me! I'd change my eating habits, follow the diet, lose the weight and then when I got where I wanted to be shout HALLELUJAH!! Then I'd stop paying attention, or I'd find the strict eating too hard, life would jump in the way, and the weight would start coming back.

It makes sense really, as you go back to eating the way you used to, the weight will go back on to, of course it will, how and what you ate and did before was what made you put on weight, if you do the same things as before, you're going to get the same result. You're going to put on weight again, you're going to be one of those of us women gaining weight...again.

That's the problem with 'diet' as something you do then stop, rather than 'diet' just being a term for the type of food you eat, today and tomorrow and everyday, it's the difference between 'diet' as restriction to a small group of foods, and 'diet' as thinking about food as everything is okay, it's the quantity and frequency that matter.

It's the difference between developing a eating and exercising lifstyle for losing weight that you can do now, and tomorrow and the next day and maintain to keep that weight off permanently.

Because...your smaller body will need less calories and energy than your larger body did, but it still needs all the nutrients to keep you looking at your best, and once you get to where you want to be, if you go back to eating the way you used to, you will go back to looking and feeling the way you used to!

Losing weight is great, and to keep that great feeling and that lighter body you have to pay a little attention, here and there, to prevent yourself falling back to the old ways, that's why you need to develop a program that suits you now, that you can work with and adapt as you need to and that will have you maintaining everything you've gained, and not gaining back everything you don't want.

A little attention goes a long way to halting the women gaining weight again cycle.

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